In A Car – James Harris edit


James Harris hit the road to various places around the UK from Bristol to London with a crew and came back with footage of Luke Kindon, Andy Coleman, Jed Cullen, Adam Keys, Dave Snaddon, Charlie Munro, Channon Wallace, Welsh Tommy, Justin Sydenham, Nicky Howells and some blondes.

Welsh Tommy’s Crayon retrospective video

crayonskateboards_logoIf you managed to hear the news we posted last night of Crayon Skateboards’ newest pro team member, then you will know that Welsh Tommy has his name on Crayon’s most cherished wooden planks.

Today they have released a retrospective video taken from various videos over the year’s including ‘Underexposed 1 and 2’, ‘East Vapors’ and ‘Now That’s What I Call Skateboarding’. Roll through the ages with him by pressing the play button.

Welsh Tommy Pro retrospective/Five year trailer from Crayon Skateboards on Vimeo.

Welsh Tommy pro for Crayon + new 5 Year DVD

Crayon Skateboards have announced that Welsh Tommy is now pro for the team. Philip Morgan designed his guitar graphic deck that will be in your local skate shop ready for you to play this week, so look out for it.

Crayon have also released a brand new ‘Five Year’ DVD which is also out now with 20 minutes of fresh footage of Chris Jones, Welsh Tommy, James Coyle, Andy ‘EVZ’ Evans and Paul ‘Barber’ Cooper. This flick also comes with 45 minutes of extra footage and is a bargain for one of those blue five pound notes you would have seen before. Click here to buy one.


Exist ‘Be Good Now’ video rescued

John Fisher has posted his ‘Be Good Now’ promo online made for Exist in Swansea. John recovered the files from a corrupt hard drive and rescued what you see here as very first cut, so any further edits and changes were lost.

Cherish this 21 minute promo as featuring Nicky Howells, Jess Young, Dylan Hughes, Welsh Tommy, Chris Jones, Jack Kirtley, Sam Austin and many more.

NOW! That’s What I Call Skateboarding Promo

Could this be one of the funniest skateboard promo’s this year? Enjoy this trailer for the NOW! That’s What I Call Skateboarding Promo featuring Dylan Hughes, Rhys Meek, Chris Gibbons, Caradog Emanuel, Ben Grove, Josh Perrett, Welsh Tommy, Taylor Oakley and more.

Exist Skatepark documentary Swansea

exist_skateparkOur good friend Jono Atkinson has been documenting a bunch of behind the scenes footage of the opening of the new skatepark in Swansea.

Watch this footage that also has skating from Welsh Tommy, Dylan Hughes, Dave Snaddon, Barney Page, Mark Gear, Ric Cartwright, John ‘Beanhead’ Coppen and live music from Ssssnakes.

Cardiff Plaza edit one year on feat Page, Caradog + more

cardiffplazaNick Richards has put together a local edit from Welsh scene a year after the Cardiff Plaza was opened by Gravity featuring Jake Collins, Welsh Tommy, Caradog Emanuel, James Coyle, Barney Page, Sam Thompson, Dan Gambarini, Josh Underwood and many more.

Watch 4 minutes of goodness and if you want more then click here.

Crayon unleash Welsh Tommy mini DV footage

crayonskateboardsCrayon Skateboards ripper Welsh Tommy switches it up with some awesome new footage today filmed by Dykie, Nick Richards and others to celebrate Crayon’s decision to shoot their new DVD in HD.

Head over to to view their Spring catalogue and follow Crayon’s Korahn Gayle and Dan Wileman‘s sessions on the West Coast on their travel blog here.

Incoming: Exist Clothing Video Jan 2011!

John Fisher has cranked out the goods again filming for the Exist Clothing video that is now due out early next year.

The video features sections from Jess Young, Nicky Howells, Sam Austin, Dylan Hughes, Welsh Tommy and Jack Kirtley. Fisher sure as hell makes skateboarding look damn good. That Nissan Micra will probably haunt me in my dreams after watching this though…