Slam City Skates warehouse break in

Never a pleasure having to report any type of burglaries when it comes to skate shops but another one happened over the weekend to Slam City Skates‘ warehouse. Here’s a statement from Slam staff this morning. If you are offered any cheap skate stuff over the coming weeks be sure to inform the shop.

“This was the shocking scenario we were greeted by over the weekend. We were targeted by some criminals whose sniffing around, we had already been alerted to. They ram-raided our shutter with a car and followed up with a van. Fortunately they bungled their work on the shutter and left in a panic. The bad news is that the three culprits still had time to take off with some boxes of stock. We were glad to find that our internal CCTV cameras have images of two of the three male faces. We are confident that this will lead to these morons being apprehended. However due to this huge inconvenience there may be some disruption to mail orders and our Outlet Store will remain closed until further notice.”


Watch: Quiksilver’s Outhouse, Warehouse, Flophouse

Quiksilver have teamed up with skateboarding’s East Coast video auteur, Bill Strobeck for this little edit starring Danny Garcia, Austyn Gillete, Reese Forbes and Alex Olson.

In classic Strobeck style, the clip captures the mundane and the extraordinary and blends them together into something at once arresting and astonishing. Austyn Gillete is just TOO legit.

Have a look and enjoy below.

Watch: Nicky Howells shred the Bristol Warehouse

Having a sheltered spot at this time of year is not only crucial to keeping those tricks on lock but it’s also a quintessential part of British skating. Nothing beats getting a few of your mates, finding a warehouse or empty carpark, building some ramps and collectively giving Old Man Winter the finger.

Nicky Howells has done just that in this little edit knocked up by James Harris for ├ęS Europe. As expected, there’s some bonkers flippery in here that only Nicky’s legs could achieve. Watch and enjoy below…