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RubEx Cube brings skateboarding back from the dead

rubexSkateboarding as we know it is dead. It’s time to jump on the RubEx Cube bandwagon to achieve bigger ollies, longer grinds and better skids.

Christian Hart and other heads from Spit and Sawdust in Cardiff have come up with a solution of how to save skateboarding as we know it, click play for his latest short film on exactly how this phenomenon works.

Skateboarding News

In A Car – James Harris edit


James Harris hit the road to various places around the UK from Bristol to London with a crew and came back with footage of Luke Kindon, Andy Coleman, Jed Cullen, Adam Keys, Dave Snaddon, Charlie Munro, Channon Wallace, Welsh Tommy, Justin Sydenham, Nicky Howells and some blondes.

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Bobby Conn announces UK tour dates

Those of you familiar with the beautiful world of Bobby Conn will be stoked to know that he will be touring three dates in the UK in June.

The Chicago legend famous for his quirky musical skills and legendary album Rise Up! is heading our way to play tracks from his latest album Macaroni that was released last year and out now on Fire Records. As usual he will be on the road with his wife and musical partner Monica Boubou regular band The Burglars and playing Cardiff’s Clwb Ifor Bach, Liverpool’s Krunk Fiesta and London’s Lexington venue. Have a free download below.


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Watch new ‘Over Ply Wood’ trailer on Welsh skate scene


Jono Atkinson’s 2nd trailer for his nearly completed documentary “Over Ply Wood” went live last night. The documentary in the making tells some of the story of the history of skateboarding in Swansea, Wales over the years featuring many skaters who have shredded its many famous spots over the years.

Jono has spent the last few months interviewing all of the skaters involved in the film so expect some fantastic memoirs to come from this. We will bring you the full feature once he sends it all over.

Over Ply Wood 2nd trailer from Jono on Vimeo.

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Watch Steve King’s DC flow to pro edit

Here’s another of those DC flow to pro edits. This time from Jart’s Steve King and filmed by Christian Hart, Nick Richards and Matthew Ryan.

*UPDATED* Steve King Flow to Pro from Nick Richards on Vimeo.

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Exist ‘Be Good Now’ video premier tmrw night

If you are nearby to Swansea on Saturday night then get down to the video premiere at the opening of the new Exist Skatepark.

‘Be Good Now’ will have footage of Dylan Hughes, Nicky Howells, Jess Young, Welsh Tommy, Sam Austin and more.

Watch the trailer here.

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Islet interview

Cardiff quartet Islet spent a fair portion of their blossoming musical career being labelled by lazy journalists as ‘the band without a website’ or something similarly irrelevant. Ask anyone who had caught one of their thrilling live performances however and they would have been able to tell you something that those who favoured the Google research method couldn’t: that Islet are an exciting, fresh-sounding, creative musical force.

Not so long ago, Islet made a website complete with pictures of ‘The Isness’, an increasingly varied zine they had been making. With more creative outlets under their belt – not to mention two superb mini-albums – before some critics would even consider them a proper band, we are very excited to be living and experiencing this thing that Emma Daman, Johnny Thomas, Mark Thomas and Alex Williams have decided to call Islet. We caught up with Emma to talk about the band’s progress over the last year, live music and the ‘Do It Together’ philosophy.

Islet is a proper band now with songs, records and a website. How does it feel to be talked about in such terms?

Brilliant! We have even got t-shirts with our band name on, and we will very shortly have a mailing list that doesn’t involve Royal Mail. Welcome on in, 2010!

What do you make of journalism’s habit of focusing on small details (such as a lack of a website, in your case) while often ignoring the music itself?

It makes it a bit less fun for us, obvs, ‘cause we’re ARTISTS and our ART is really important and that. But at the same time, they’ve got to have something to write about. Writing about music is, as they say, like dancing about architecture.

Perhaps this is partly because Islet is quite a difficult band to describe. How would you describe your sound?

I skirt around the issue and avoid describing it myself. That’s for other people to decide.

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

Playing at Greenman was pretty good. It’s a good, Welsh festival and we’d definitely go every year anyway so it was a good feeling to get to play there ourselves.

Having all played in various bands before Islet, do you feel anything is different this time around?

Islet is different to most bands in that we all play various instruments, there is no lead singer, we all get involved in artwork, recording etc. And it makes a difference that Mark and JT are brothers, and that Mark is my boyfriend. So one night we might sweating on stage and the next time we could be discussing their brother’s wedding. There’s a lot of love.

Islet seems to be a live band first and foremost, would you agree?

No way! But if that’s what you think, then your opinion is as valid as mine. To us, our recorded output is as important as anything else. It is fascinating to do and you get a real sense of fulfillment when you have finished a record. I think it just so happened that we spent a while playing gigs before we released anything, so that’s what people came across.

What are your own favourite live bands?

Hmm… Chrome Hoof, Deerhoof, Connan Mockasin, Munch Munch are all up there.

What’s the best venue you have played at?

The Portland Arms in Cambridge is a pub with back room that always seems to have a jovial atmosphere.

Having put out a couple of EPs and toured around a bit, what are you planning next? An album? More EPs?

We’re writing a full length album at the moment. I think three mini-albums in a row might be too much! We’ve recorded all our previous output ourselves, so we might branch out into working with other people. We’ve got a couple of festivals on the horizon too.

The band is built on a DIY ethics and aesthetics (with lo-fi artwork etc), do you think this would change if funding wasn’t an issue?

We do a lot of things ourselves because we like to do so. We have our own philosophy, Do It Together, and the basis is that things are much more fun if you do them with your friends. If we were given a pot of gold by a leprechaun, we’d probably do even more things ourselves! In an ideal world, we’d do more full stop, because it’s what we love to do. As far as lo-fi artwork, we make it that way because that’s the way we like it. I know how to work Photoshop and I could make it all look swish if I wanted to, but that’s not what we’re about.

We started a band because love writing songs and recording and making pictures and putting on parties, and I can’t see that changing.

When is the next edition of the Isness coming, and what can we expect to see in it?

Not sure, and this blog is where we out things that we’re working on. Because the Isness is print based you can sometimes be constrained it terms of colours, and it’s very time consuming, so we started the blog to put up ideas quickly, without giving it too much thought.

Who – or better, what – influences you the most when expressing yourselves creatively?

Beats, the human voice, homemade zines, drawing, photography, going to gigs as much as possible. Probably being in rush too, makes you get stuff done!

2010 has seen a lot of productivity from you guys, what are your three favourite memories for the year and what lesson have you learnt that you will take on board for 2011?

Good moments for were jumping around in the barn where we recorded ‘Celebrate This Place’, giving out Isnesses at Los Campesinos gigs, seeing our artwork 12” square, 12 hour practices we call ‘training’. And a lesson we’ve learnt is how to successfully push start an extended wheel base van in the snow every day for 3 weeks. Hopefully we won’t have to use that one as much next year.

What emerging artists should Crossfire readers be tuning into next year?

Sweet Baboo has a new release in the pipeline, that I can’t wait to hear. Cate Le Bon and Perfume Genius should have some new tunes out too. Munch Munch’s debut album is out now, and it’s brilliant, loads of percussion, falsetto and layers of proggy keyboards.

Islet “Ringerz” from Ewan Jones Morris on Vimeo.

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Watch: Pulley and Jake footage

Transition slayers Sam Pulley and Jake Collins have been killing it hard for Kill City this year and this edit of the pair shows it.

Jake earned £50 at the Xmas Jam for a consistent display of gnar on the jersey quarter and we were stoked to have both turn up. Watch this clip below and look out for more from the pair in the new year.

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Jess Young for Destructo

Jess Young has long sat on the top of Wales’ most wanted list for single-handedly destroying the country’s collection of handrails and his destructive nature earned him a place on the Destructo team.

Watch below for a short edit from Destructo that includes the infamous road gap ollie that gets mentioned every time someone in Cardiff goes to Buffalo Bar or Sainsbury’s. And while you’re stoked on gnar, head over here for an interview we did with Mr. Young earlier this year with some ridiculous sequences from Trix.

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Gruff Rhys announces UK tour

Gruff Rhys has announced a UK tour for February 2011.

The Super Furries frontman will be supported by Y Niwl, a Welsh “instrumental surf rock” quartet who will also be backing Gruff during his set. The tour will showcase his new album, Hotel Shampoo, which is out on February 14th.

The full dates are:

Mon, 14th Feb – Memorial Hall, Sheffield
Tue, 15th Feb – Oran Mor, Glasgow
Thu, 17th Feb – St Phillips, Manchester
Fri, 18th Feb – The Kazimier, Liverpool
Sat, 19th Feb – St Paul’s Church, Cambridge
Sun, 20th Feb – Arts Centre, Norwich
Mon, 21st Feb – Glee Club, Nottingham
Tue, 22nd Feb – Cadogan Hall, London
Fri, 25th Feb – Palace Theatre, Bridport
Sat, 26th Feb – St Georges Church, Brighton
Sun, 27th Feb – Glee Club, Birmingham
Mon, 28th Feb – St Georges Hall, Bristol