Heroin release Rogie ‘Video Nasty’ trailer

Heroin’s new team flick ‘Video Nasty‘ is nearing completion with sections from Daniel Shimizu, Gou Miyagi, Deer Man of Dark Woods, Chet Childress, Rogie, Tom Day, Stephen Malet, Craig Questions, Adrian Adrid, Casper Brooker, Fos, Chopper and the Osaka Daggers included in the full length.

Today they have released a new trailer featuring Stephen Roe (aka Rogie) who has been flying the Heroin flag now for 8 years and loves a slam as you will see in this angst ridden teaser. Every rider will have a trailer before the video drops in July, so take it the hype of what’s coming. You can taste the full strength of the official Video Nasty trailer here when you’re done.

Watch Heroin Skateboards new ‘Video Nasty’ trailer!


Wake up to the news that Heroin Skateboards have released an explosive trailer for their next full video titled VIDEO NASTY. The team has been shooting footage ready for a June 2013 release so hit that play button for Chet Childress, Gou Miyagi, Daniel Shimizu, Chopper, Fos, Rogie, Tom Day, Casper Brooker, Craig Questions, Stephen Malet, and Deer Man of Dark Woods.

How hyped?!