Kyle Walker’s Propeller Raw Files


Kyle Walker‘s part blew us away at the premiere so these Raw Files have been anxiously awaited. Be prepared for 7 minutes of fast-as-fuck, ball-breaking skateboarding, taking out some eyewatering spots. Man is an all round amazing skater who has certainly put himself on the SOTY map with this part alone.

Skate Edit of the Week hands down.

Vans announce PROPELLER skate video


With all the talk of the new Vans video now over and done with, it’s time for it to be unleashed to the public. So here’s the first official teaser and unveiling of it’s name: PROPELLER. Yep, you heard it here first.

Greg Hunt is behind the making of it that will have full parts from Rowley, Crockett, Dollin and so many more. Look out for the full film this May that you will be able to download or pick up in stores.