Richie Jackson Death Skateboards Part

jacksonDeath’s finest magician known as Richie Jackson has delivered more quirky gems in this new section. Creativity in skateboarding is everything and this bloke seems to have box loads. Always a pleasure to watch, never dull. press play for the sweets.

Read our interview with Richie with more amazing footage here.

Watch Richie Jackson’s new Obsolete video part

Richie-Jackson-SkateboardingDeath’s technically gifted ripper Richie Jackson stars in a brand new video part this week following his doubles part with Melcher in the Ordinary Madness video.

Press play for Featch’s old and new footage from the Obsolete video: “Elements of the past and the future combining to make something not quite as good as either.”

Watch Almir Jusovic, the World’s Weirdest Skater

There have been some unique styles and different takes on what we traditionally call skateboarding as we know it, but Jenkem have called Almir Jusovic as the World’s Weirdest Skater and released this footage.

Who else you would put in this category? Leave a message below with a link to some footage.