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Check out the size of Danny Way’s ultra megaramp


You know this bloke does nothing by halves. Ever since he appeared in a Powell video slaying a mini ramp, Danny Way has pushed himself to the brink of breaking point, got broke and come back for more. Recently he’s endured a slaying from this new behemoth, what could possibly be what he’s called on his insta the ultra mega ramp but from this photo of what possibly could be what he has been referring to, fuck skating that mate, you’re mad – it’s absolutely ridiculous.

Way is said to be filming something very special at the moment and in his own words said today that: “I often question myself, what the fuck have I gotten myself into this time?”

It’s rumoured that Monster and DC Shoes are behind this epic build that could be in a desert somewhere. Knowing that his supposed Plan B section did not materialise in the recent ‘True‘ video, this next part should be something to remember.

In related news his dog apparently has learned how to snuff out rocket 5-0’s…