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Trash Talk

True Panther Sounds

After touring the tail end off their last album Eyes and Nines released in may last year, Trash Talk return with a brand new EP that will be released on 11th October on True Panther Sounds. Matador’s sister label is slowly making sure that its roster is laden with hardcore after the singings of Fucked Up and the mighty Ceremony recently. The addition of Trash Talk just makes them stronger and even more appealing.

Have a taste of the lead track Awake lifted from the new EP. Despite there being a skateboarder in the video (which for us, could seem all so fitting) the Sacramento 4-piece have delivered another bone crunching hardcore track that stomps in the face of a plethora of whiny emo bands who call themselves ‘punks’ and churns out menacing riffs to accompany Lee Spielman and Spencer Pollard’s impressive dual vocal duties. Basically, it’s what’s also known as an epic win.

Look out for the 7″ vinyl in a record shop near to you, or order it direct.

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Magic Kids

True Panther

Containing several members of In The Red Records’ signings The Barbaras, the new seven-strong collective, Magic Kids, summon a combination of musical talents to create a layered sound that’s so sweet it’s near impossible not to tap your toes and hum along.

Memphis was recorded over several months in the Deep South with Doug Easley, and sounds surprisingly less Country-tinged Tennessee than you’d expect and more West Coast feel-good vibes. These twee 20-somethings have clearly been raised on a saccharine-laden diet of Belle And Sebastian, Beach Boys and a healthy dash of Motown’s back catalogue for good measure.

Dropping just in time for the closing days of summer, the album is packed with eleven polished gems of retro-pop perfection range from tales of wide-eyed innocence to those first exciting moments of young love. It’s more than just nicey nice, it’s downright…well, magical. Their ethereal ‘60s flair is underscored by the dual boy-meets-girl vocal harmonies of Bennett Foster and Alice Buchanan, a kind of sonic homemade cherry pie.

Album highlight ‘Hey Boy‘ sums it all up rather neatly; it is 2010’s happy-go-lucky soundtrack to those hazy summer evenings that seem to last forever and ever.

Mark West