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vacationer-tripLast night I was just surfing Facebook updates and about to crash out when I pressed play on this youtube video and then had to watch it 5 times in a row before I fell asleep the happiest man in London town. The internet has allowed word of mouth to bring us some of the best music so quickly and for the likes of Vacationer this method of natural goodness will be how hundreds and thousands of us will be drawn to their unique music as it becomes available online.

Based in Philadelphia on the Eastern Seaboard, Vacationer looks to be a an extremely new project. Their incredibly minimal, chilled pop is billed as Nu-Hula and mixes chilled beats with tropical sounds of the 70’s blended with an array of vocal goodness often found at the the bottom of rainbows. This genius song ‘Trip‘ is quite possibly their first ever track and has a mesmerising but cheerfully, warming presence that is seriously addictive. I dare you just to listen to it once as I have a feeling that like myself you will be coming back for more as soon as the waterfall stops running.

There’s not too much information about Vacationer online so be sure to follow their progress as this Nu-Hula stuff could quite easily take off, especially if ‘Trip’ is just the beginning. Download it for free from this widget and pass it on.

For fans of Animal Collective, The Avalanches, TV On The Radio, Boards of Canada and Cloud Control.

Trip by Vacationer