Static III RAW TAPES: London 2006 Episode 6


From the banks of the Thames to Barbican, Josh Stewart has unleashed the final episode of unseen footage filmed in and around London back in 2006 for Static III.

Press play for sessions with Daniel Kinloch, Rory Milanes, Paul Shier, Nick Jensen, Seth Curtis, Olly Todd, Soy Panday, Nate Broussard, Joey Pressey, Tony Manfre, Charlie Young, Vaughan Baker, Neil Smith and Danny Brady.

Static III Raw Tapes from London episode 6


This is almost the final episode of unseen footage filmed for Static III video via Jost Stewart who has sat on these tapes for 9 years. Click play for footage of Nate Broussard, Will Harmon, Tony Manfre, Olly Todd, Paul Shier, Nick Jensen, Bobby Puleo, Jack Sabback, Brophy, Rory Milanes, Charlie Young, Rob Mathieson and Snowy filmed at Meanwhile 2, the streets of London and more back in 2006.

Superb stuff.

RAW Tapes: London 2006 Series – Episode 2


Raw footage filmed for the Static III video in London has been released in a second episode by Theories Josh Stewart overnight amounting to almost ten minutes of mayhem.

“After staring at a towering inferno of literally 21 external hard drives lining my desk in the TOA office and 15 drawers full of DV and hi-8 tapes, it hit me that there’s roughly 25 years of footage just growing stale in this office. A lot of it having never been seen or countless other angles and second, third and fourth makes that never saw the light of day. So, I opened up the filing cabinets last week and started logging footage. The first tape I pulled out was from the summer of 2006 when we spent 3 months in London to film for the Static III video. One of the most amazingly productive summers I’ve ever had filming. As I started to build out a timeline from just a few tapes I realized it wouldn’t be right unless I captured everything from the entire trip. So a 5 minute timeline quickly turned into a 25 minute feature length mess. So I figured instead of edit it all down it would be better to split it up into a 3 part series.”

Dig into some of these unused angles and unseen clips featuring; Pat Stiener, Nate Broussard, Tony Manfre and Olly Todd.