Skateboarding News

Download the first Fos FM show on Altamont

Heroin and Landscape’s Fos has crept onto the DIY airwaves in Los Angeles since he moved to California this Autumn. He spends a lot of time shooting guns aside from skating and painting thesedays and also has found time to huck out a radio show on the Altamont website.

Fos FM launches today and kicks off with Slayer and red rum samples. Download the MP3 of the first show featuring guest Randy Randall from the band No Age here.

Music News

Tom Waits to publish book of poetry

Tom Waits will be publishing a book of poetry next year.

The gravel-voiced singer’s book will be called Hard Ground and is a collaboration with photographer Michael O’Brien whose pictures of the homeless will accompany Waits’ poems. The book is set for release in March 2011 through University of Texas press.