Black Label issue Rhino guest deck

If you have ever met Chris ‘Rhino’ Rooney on your travels as a skateboarder then you would know just why he deserves Black Label’s latest guest board.

The Thrasher photographer and Independent Trucks TM will be celebrating this one all the way to the bar so look out for it on your travels, it’s 8.5″x 32″ with a 14.5″ wheelbase.

Thrasher’s King Of The Road 2010 Incoming!

For 2011, Thrasher have made the bold decision to embrace the digital overlord’s rule and release 2010’s King Of The Road in a series of online webisodes, each one guaranteed to be filled with unadulterated plank-loving debauchary.

For a taste of what to come, watch Grant Taylor utilise the firm head of his Nike SB team mate Justin Brock for one of the gnarliest nose bonks you’ve ever seen.

Leo Romero is Thrasher’s Skater of the Year

Thrasher have just announced their 2010 Skater of the Year and, as Phelps states, it was a ‘no-brainer’… Leo Romero is officially the world’s best skateboarder in 2010. Fully deserved too as not only did he absolutely smash it, but he single-handedly took handrail skating to an entire new level.

Watch the video below to see him receive news of his prize and if you’re not convinced then go and watch Stay Gold and Brainwash and try to argue otherwise. Well done Leo!