John DeMar’s Solo Part

Photo by Matt Bublitz


Making music and skateboarding are two of the finest forms of fun on this shit-filled planet. John DeMar hit the studio for his own part that does more than kick out the jams, and at fast pace too, filmed by Bublitz, Stewart and Houghton. Sick part.

More from TWS this month too:

Bust Or Bail 2: The Ripper At Clipper edit


Every spot has its day but with the news of Clipper being bulldozed soon, Thrasher took the initative to lay down some history on the SF spot that partly made Kremer SOTY in 2014 and has tested many more.

Enjoy the ridiculous NBD’s that graced the history books at this weekend’s Bust Or Bail 2 jam.

Clipper Bust or Bail hubba jam sees 5 NBD’s


This weekend saw flash mob Thrasher jam at the clipper hubba in San Francisco where five NBD’s went down. Jaws’ kickflip melon was just one alongside Paul Hart’s switch heel bs 5-0 and Shane O’Neil’s bigspin bs tailslide. Figgy laid down a switch bigspin frontside boardslide and Drake Johnson hardflipped over it.

Here’s a few of them but look out for a full edit soon.

Wow @shanejoneill #BustOrBail

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@paul_hart sw heel bs 5-0 #BustOrBail

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Thrasher Vacation Tour London footage


We spent Thursday night and Friday afternoon camped out with a few tins at both the House of Vans and Victoria Park in our backyard of Old London Town. Enjoy our edit of the Thrasher Vacation Tour with Grant Taylor, Ronnie Sandoval, Tommy Sandoval, Andy Scott and more.

Thanks to Dan Joyce whose drone came good with a different view to the pack and also our old buddy Ed Gill who took care of the view from the ground. Our full gallery of the House of Vans party is live, get down there before the 31st to see the exhibition.

Forrest Edwards – Quartersnacks $10 Meals Re-Edit

The Quartersnacks lads have unleashed a smoking edit of Forrest Edwards over the weekend cut from a bunch of footage chosen and lifted from his Thrasher “Unhinged” part, the Crooks 2011 clip, Slap‘s “Dirty 30″ segment, and the Wild Power video.

If you are going to watch anything today, light this one up.