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New Brandon Westgate Shoe + Part!

Coast to coast, Brandon Westgate has been killing it for Emerica and generally making skaters across the world more hyped on raw, fast street skateboarding than they have in some time and as a result has earned his first pro shoe ‘The Westgate‘.

The shoe itself (pictured right) looks set to be an instant classic, a solid and durable looking mid-top similar to the brilliant Hsu pro model. The shoe is available in four different colourways in finer skate shops now.

To celebrate the release of the shoe, Emerica have released a part filled with previously unseen footage that somehow manages to rival his stonking part in Stay Gold. Have a look below, shit your bed a little bit and feel the need for an instant shred. Who else pushes downhill? Answers on a postcard addressed to NO ONE, THAT’S WHO.