Xerox and Destroy

When introduced to the concept of the Photocopy Club you cannot really dismiss it due to its simple but effective nature.

What is it then? Essentially it’s all about bringing people together to contribute their photos, whatever the subject, and sharing the tales. Once these submissions are photocopied and stuck to the gallery walls, the doors open, free beer is delivered to fuel the chit chat and the photos are set for sale to help cover the costs of the gallery hire for one evening only. The walls are then stripped by drunk people wanting to wake up with a memory of their favourite shot of the night. It’s a perfect idea.

The beautiful part of all of this is that Xerox and Destroy was open to everybody, so you get to see many different photos that you would never have seen before. These are showcased alongside various stills from skate photographers whose work you may well be familiar with, such as David Hopkins, Ben Larthe, Richie Hopson, Rich West, Jonnie Craig, Sam Hiscox, Jenna Selby and many more, all mixed up together, and all telling their own story. It’s an historic journey from start to finish, so long as you are quick enough to see them all before they are snapped up.

Last night’s gathering at the Doomed Gallery in Dalston was a huge success. Photographs filled the walls, Atticus provided the beer, the gallery was packed with people all night and the rest is now history.

Thanks to Matt Martin and Marc Vallée for making the effort to put this together.


Skateboarding News

Your invite to Xerox and Destroy – March 14th

On Thursday March 14th The Photocopy Club and Marc Vallée will host an exhibition of skateboard photography on the walls of the Doomed Gallery found at 65-67 Ridley Road, E8 2NP Hackney. The night, in association with Atticus Beer and Crossfire will showcase hundreds of photocopied skateboard photos from various skate photographers and YOU.

How do you get involved?

You have one week from today to organise your photos and photocopy them ready to stick up on the walls on the night. The shots will all be available to purchase for £2-£5 and upwards to cover the costs of the night plus a zine will be made on for you to take home featuring The Photocopy Club’s favourite entries.

Get involved in this by dropping off your photocopied skate pics to BaySixty6 Skatepark or bring them to the exhibition before 6pm on the night.

Entry on the night is totally free, but you will need to RSVP get yourself on the guest list by visiting We will see you there from 6pm.

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