Skateboarding Product Reviews

Crossfire Truckhead Tees available now

We have released 100 limited edition Crossfire Truckhead Tees today in celebration of the warm, sunny sessions that will go down now that the winter is officially over.

These super-soft, made-to-skate-in, quality t-shirts come in red and white with a hidden message, free stickers and are available online at our Big Cartel Store. Thanks for supporting Crossfire. Get yours now to avoid disappointment.


Skateboarding News

HUF vs Snoop Dogg clothing collab

HUF has announced a collab with none other than Snoop Dogg for a series of exclusive clothing launching this weekend. Hats, tees, socks and more are confirmed for the drop. Keep an eye out for this.


Skateboarding Product Reviews

Skate Mental Spring 2013 catalogue

Those lazer-eyed cats that run Skate Mental have rolled out their Spring 2013 catalogue this weekend. Shane O’Neill, Dan Plunkett, John Motta, Brad Staba and Matt Beach all have new pro decks. A selection of one-off decks are also available alongside a new Evil Cat tee, tees featuring a Girl snogging a Dolphin, Wet T-shirts, stoned dinosaurs, Rainbow Uzi’s, beanies, caps, long socks, Fake Crap wax, Three in the Pink, One in the Stink Wheels and loads more.

There’s some of the new range featured here but find the full set on their site.







Skateboarding Product Reviews

Flicknife ‘Shoot From the Hip’ tee

There’s no worse news than when someone you skate with breaks a bone, so last night’s news that Scott Madill broke an arm skating that crappy little bowl in Putney Park was annoying to say the least.

Aside from generally tearing it up whenever possible on a deck, Scott has been making some new tees under the Flicknife moniker and has a new “Shoot From The Hip” tee out this week in white ultra-weight cotton. These are limited edition and only £15 from

Have a butchers at what he’s been up to and get well soon Scott!


Skateboarding News

Altamont unleash their Fall 2012 collection

Those who enjoy Andrew Reynolds’ Altamont cothing co will be stoked to know that the new catalogue for Fall 2012 has dropped onto the web this morning. Notable, personal additions include the Delta long sleeve shirt and Convoy Jacket.

Have a peep at the new collection for yourself at