Fucking Awesome vs Princess Diana


Dill and AVE’s FA have rolled out some new garms this week. Look out for their new printed rip-stop canvas coach jackets that come with with a corduroy collar, printed interior and custom buttons.

Princess Diana also makes a surprise appearance alongside some cowboys on their new t-shirts.




Flicknife ‘Shoot From the Hip’ tee

There’s no worse news than when someone you skate with breaks a bone, so last night’s news that Scott Madill broke an arm skating that crappy little bowl in Putney Park was annoying to say the least.

Aside from generally tearing it up whenever possible on a deck, Scott has been making some new tees under the Flicknife moniker and has a new “Shoot From The Hip” tee out this week in white ultra-weight cotton. These are limited edition and only £15 from flicknife.bigcartel.com

Have a butchers at what he’s been up to and get well soon Scott!


Naptime John Wayne Gacy tee

naptime_johnwaynegacy_tee_shirtDIY t-shirt companies are always rad. This new one called Naptime is run by Pulled Apart By Horses drummer Lee and his wife who have a small but cool selection of designs available via their online store right now.

This new design featuring the mug of serial killer John Wayne Gacy (who killed 33 peeps and buried them under ground or in rivers) and is on pre-sale now for £10.

Get over there and have a look.


Line Check September 2011

The current change in the season means new decks are needed. This month’s Line Check has Zip Zingers from Krooked, Superdead‘s Autumnal horror from Mr Gauky (who you will hear more about at the Crossfire Halloween Massacre), Black Label‘s Space Invaders, smokers from Flip, Anti Hero‘s Bitter offerings, Baker‘s colurful dozens and Fabric‘s first wave of wood from up North.

Broadcast, Powell and Spitfire bring the wheels that go with some new trucks from Independent, Venture and Thunder. Also check out the new Stella Supply Co hardware that Fos and Joleon Pressey have rolled out in the UK. Reflex skate tool’s are doing the rounds so you can tighten your rude manufacturing up on the move.

There are always a good selection of tee shirts out there all year round. Fabric, Heathen, Superdead, Spitfire and Vans. Altamont also have some prime cuts as do DGK, who have rolled out their latest colourful collection.

If you want chillers then Emerica have the new Wino Mid and Hopi‘s this month for the hedonists. Vans are still rolling out the Classics, Etnies have gone 70’s on us for Autumn and we will all miss éS as it goes into hibernation for the forseable future. All of these are available in your local skate shop. Seek and Destroy.

Stockwell Slasher Tee Shirts

Stockwell is one of the best skateparks in London, maybe even the world! If you’ve never been there then get off the computer, smash your piggy bank open and get on a train and get down there for a session. The Brixton Beach locals are friendly (both skateboarders and local passing by nutters), you’re guaranteed to have a laugh and there’s a shop round the corner that sells beer. Enough?

stockwell slasher tee shirts

Now after all that waffle let’s get to the point of this review:

STRAIGHT UP: These Stockwell Slasher T-shirts are screenprinted by skateboarders for skateboarders.

SIMPLE: One design and one colour printed as front and back print.

Oh and one last thing, they look RAD.

Stockwell Slasher T-shirts designed by Matthew Bromley printed by James Hall at Horse Zine. Get one today for just £10 as they are limited at www.madebybromley.com