Watch Alexander Rademaker’s technical flip fest

Welcome to the world of Alexander Rademaker whose ‘Short Skate Film’ has been working its way around the web for the last week and is stuffed with technical stuff taken to street spots.

Richie Jackson shared this today. Check out the cheeky new firecracker move in here…

Watch Richie Jackson’s new Battle Commander edit

Richie JacksonKick off your week with a truly creative journey, as ever, from Death Skateboards’ technical wizard Richie Jackson, who once again provides knockout footage of his unbelievable skating.

Filmed at the Berrics, this Battle Commander section pushes skateboarding forward tenfold. Look out for him in the new Death video, ‘Ordinary Madness‘ that will be out on DVD in the next couple of weeks.

Skate Video Edit of the Week: Hootnot

aviChris Atherton‘s wonderful video edits have entertained us for years and this week he has posted a brand new one jam packed with British splendour as expected.

Hootnot is the third in a series of Catweazle online edits that include Sinpanthrash and Monatomic Decoy featuring skating from Avi, William Sayer, Jesse James and Blaster Bates. Slow down your life for 5 mins and get tech.