Music News

Salad Days Washington Hardcore documentary

fugazi_dischordIf you are like us and grew up listening to the sounds of Bad Brains, Fugazi, Minor Threat and beyond, get ready for another dose of reminiscing the good old days of US hardcore.

Salad Days:The Washington DC Punk Revolution is the work of Scott Crawford and Jim Saah and is looking likely to be aired in 2013. The film is said to be half way to completion to date and will be covering the 80’s hardcore scene throughout a decade of music.

The usual names and faces have already been mentioned and associated with interview time within the film such as Grohl, Rollins, Mackaye etc so expect a comprehensive discussion looking back at one of punk rock’s most exciting scenes of music in the US from the fanzines, labels promoters and bands who made it all tick.

Skateboarding News

Keep Keen premieres on the 16th December

After a busy year of filming non-stop for Keep Keen, Phil Harvey has dropped the final teaser for the globe-trotting Manchester scene video and has announced that the premiere will be taking place on December 16th at the Bay Horse Pub.

We’ve been following his progress all year and are getting really hyped to see this one. Watch the last teaser below and stay locked in for a full interview feature with Phil coming online sometime before the premiere.