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Rayleigh Jam footage from Monster Network

The Essex skate scene are busy right now as ever. Not only have they just completed the annual Lords of the Sword filming for you to vote the winner on here in 2 weeks time, the locals of Rayleigh had a summer jam with Switch Skate shop. Watch all of Monster Network’s coverage featuring Barry Dring, Nigel Davies, Warren ‘Great Tricks’, Glenn Steed, Sean Kelly, Wil Thompson, George Gough, Sonny Treffers and more in the video edit below.

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Rayleigh Skateboard Comp Results Aug 29th 2011

Under 16’s
1st Place – Salar Kooshki
2nd Place – Harry Emmanouilidis
3rd Place – George Wren

Over 16’s
1st Place – Laurie Colley
2nd Place – Sonny Treffers
3rd Place – Barry Dring

1st Place – David Watson
2nd Place – Nick Remon
3rd Place – Nelson Ortiz

S.K.A.T.E Champion
Cameron Snow

Best Trick

Salar Kooshki – Kickflip into bank/360 Flip off Quarter pipe