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WESC Delano Jacket

wesc_delanojacketWESC have made pretty much the perfect summer jacket in the Delano here. I’ve had this on daily now since it came out of the bag and its simplicity and cut is what makes it so perfect.

WESC’s latest jacket is made from a perfectly weighted waxed cotton so that our European weather system can be defeated, and to back that up, it also comes correct with a concealed hood which tucks away nicely if you don’t want it flapping about on your back. Two huge pockets are situated in the front that can hide pretty much anything, and would be perfect for shoplifting too. The only downside pocket-wise is that the Delano doesn’t have any inside, which is strange. If it did, this jacket would be the ultimate, but that aside this is still a must buy at about £140 as it ticks pretty much every box and feels so good once on.

Unfortunately within the first week of wearing this, I was on the south coast in Brighton when a bird dropped the biggest shit on me from a tree. From previous experiences of watching the colour be ripped out of fabric from the likes of ketchup (get that off immediately) and bird crap, I was surprised to get my Delano back from the dry cleaners without any bleached damage. Either those seagulls have a diet of fish and chips only, or I was lucky. Maybe the cotton fabric and wax were just too darn clever for it. Anyway, it came back 100% like new and is still in use today.

This is highly recommended as a perfect summer jacket and comes in sapphire black/blue or a toasted coconut. Both are dope.