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Tune of Day: Trail of Dead – Summer Of All Dead Souls

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
The 5-piece with the best band name in independent music scene, ..And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead may be on their 7th album but in that time they have never once delivered a long player that doesn’t get rinsed in this office.

Most bands curl up and churn out drivel on at least one or two records throughout a career that last this long but Trail of Dead seem to be in a league of their own on every record and have mastered the indie rock scene that was once built by the likes of Sonic Youth and co.

The new album Tao of the Dead storms into gear with new single Summer Of All Dead Souls, today’s track of the day purely because it captures everything that AYWKUBTTOD are about; amazing melodies, heartfelt lyrics, orchestral brilliance and a certain anthemic joy that only comes with Conrad Keely and
Jason Reece’ own brand of guitar led genius.

Look out for the new album, we will review it in full next week. It was recorded in 10 days and is arguably their best recording since their debut back in 2008. Listen to this and scout it out.