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Various Artists
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The tragic situation in Japan needs no introduction. However, the on-going problems and recovery process are among many ideas that may not have fully sunk into your minds and so the urgency of our action to help those in need cannot be stressed or emphasised enough. Any perspective needed is right there in front of us: we have it pretty easy in this country and I’m sure many of us will settle for a few days of sunshine amidst moderate grey skies every year in exchange for not constantly being under mortal threat from the planet we live on. Every little act really does help, so it’s reassuring to see so many musicians thoughtfully utilising their positions to raise awareness and support the recovery process.

One of our favourite producers, Submerse, has teamed up with Andy Bee and Toby ‘Price’ Godwin and spearheaded a music project with the sole purpose of raising money for Japan. It’s a great simple idea that’s already gained wide support from producers and musicians across the world and is very worthy of your attention, not just for the cause it represents, but for the staggering amount of goodness packaged inside.

The first compilation (unmixed) has been hand-picked from an enormous range of submissions by Submerse and co. and is due to feature cuts from Phaeleh, Dj Madd, RSD, Donga & Blake, Submerse, Price, Resketch, Whistla, Rrritalin, Duncan Powell, Sclist, Sentinels , VVV, Klaxons (a previously unheard official remix from Steve Aoki!), Indigo, Blnd!, Valta & Minikin, Sines , Opti, Von D, Littlefoot AND more. This is no slapdash compilation of b-sides. This is the real deal, for a very real cause. For just a fiver you’re getting 20 fresh cuts of delicious tuna and 100% of that fiver will go straight to the Red Cross in support of Japan’s recovery from the tsunami disaster that occurred last week.

Have a listen to the official Soundcloud set below which features some very notable selections (some of which have long been overdue a release…) including VVV’s deep, deep, deeeeeeeep and cavernous, Burial-like ‘No Longer’ and an extra special cut from Submerse himself. ‘I’d Rather Have You’ is an emotional, string-driven future garage gem that blissfully wanders through similar territories occupied by some of his biggest tunes (‘Hold It Down’, ‘OVA’ – both hugely recommended of course) and is guaranteed to sit well amongst the rest of the tunes from a stellar range of artists who are all at the top of their game. Show your support for this one.

Joe Moynihan.

Heartbeats – First Set by Heartbeats365

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Pillowtalk 12″ (with 7 Remixes)
L2S Recordings

A veteran of UK Garage, accomplished producer and DJ, Whistla is the main man behind the much acclaimed L2S Recordings and proactively runs SubFM also. On the station he plays sets that many of the writers at Crossfire frequently lock into while also producing bangers like last year’s ‘Etymology Of Maureen EP’ and 2009’s Klaxon-recommended ‘420 Lockdown’. 2010 proved to be almost unnervingly exciting for dance music and few have enjoyed the well-deserved success as much as L2S, who, under Whistla’s direction, have turned their backs against the jump-up mutations evident in mainstream dubstep and have pioneered the rise of UK Garage, 2-Step and more. Future Garage, Future Bass, whatever you want to call it… this movement is undeniably forward thinking and most definitely the future UK sound.

With his latest 12” Pillowtalk, Whistla boldly jumps into 2011 with a snaretastic riddim that utilises a catchy vocal sample reminiscent of the funky yet uncouth choices from Welsh garage peers C.R.S.T. (emotional pitch-warped RnB samples are great and all, but we want us some wubwooooo every now and again) and a pulsating, fluid bassline that sounds like something Zinc would have put together back at the turn of the century. Pounding.

What makes this 12” such a pisstake though is its mighty seven remixes from seven very, very big producers. Whistla on the leading track and the likes of Duncan Powell, Crossfire favourite Submerse, Para of DEA Project and the elusive and stunning VVV on the flip? Jog on Kanye, this is what we call a communal masterpiece. Hold tight L2S, each and every.


Pillowtalk [Preview] by Whistla

Free Downloads

Free Downloads – Best Of 2010

This year we introduced a bi-monthly feature that’s as difficult to understand as it is to do… the ‘Free Downloads‘. Every couple of weeks we send our ears on a mission around the internet looking for the best new (or old) music that’s being given away for free, then round up the best ten for you to come along and take as many of them as you see fit. All for free. Simple, huh?

In addition to that we also introduced the ‘Crossfader‘ interview, where we hunt down the DJs and producers that have been rocking our earphones the most and ask them to provide a free mix for us. The results have been more exciting than we could have ever imagined.

So here is the very best, objectively decided by you guys listening, of all the sound we’ve had up in our cloud this year. Below are the 15 most listened to/downloaded tracks that we featured in this section, as well as all four Crossfader Mixes, from Stereo:Type, C.R.S.T., Submerse and The Count & Sinden. Enjoy!

Former Ghosts – Chin Up by Crossfire Music

Mr. Oizo & Gaspard Augé – Tricycle Express by Crossfire Music

Chromeo – Don’t Turn The Lights On by Crossfire Music

Weezer – Memories by Crossfire Music

Aphex Twin – On by Crossfire Music

Black Mountain – Hair Song by Crossfire Music

Huoratron – gBay by Crossfire Music

Grinderman – Heathen Child by Crossfire Music

Dels – Trumpalump (Joe Goddard Remix) by Crossfire Music

Gruff Rhys – Shark Ridden Waters by Crossfire Music

Wiley – It’s Wiley by Crossfire Music

Dipset – Salute by Crossfire Music

J-Dilla – Sycamore by Crossfire Music

Rustie – Inside Pikachu’s Cunt by Crossfire Music

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Spottie (Outkast Cover) by Crossfire Music

Stereotype – Crossfire Mixtape by Crossfire Music

C.R.S.T Dubplates 2 Mixtape by C.R.S.T

Submerse – Crossfire Mix by Crossfire Music

The Count & Sinden Mix by Crossfire Music

Free Downloads

Free Downloads: 26/11/10

It must be the holiday spirit or something, but artists, bands and producers have been even more generous than usual and our inboxes have been overflowing with all sorts of tuneage in a variety of tempos and styles. Here are our ten picks from yet another two weeks of quality music.

The undisputed king of mash-ups and party mixtapes, Girl Talk released his latest collection of nostalgia meets college party meets weird meets brilliant beats online for free and if you haven’t already picked it up then you’ll find it all below. Daft Punk’s Tron OST is currently doing the rounds on the leaky pipes of the web to a mixed reception but if you didn’t catch their collaboration with N.E.R.D. then check out Nero’s remix if beats float your boat more than synths and strings. Shy FX get taken apart from one of the year’s biggest beatmakers Breakage as this weekend turns into a guaranteed party.

Pow 2011 is causing another forward riddim stir in London and Wiley’s meme-spawning ‘bududududada’ bars over the beat makes one of the most addictive dubplates of the year, get it! Crossfader subject Submerse keeps on going from strength to strength and his remix of Wolf Gang’sLion In Cages‘ sees blogs on a hype for his forthcoming releases. X-Ray Spex’s frontwoman Poly-Styrene makes a welcome return to our speakers with ‘Black Christmas‘. Crystal Castles made one of the most press-worthy collaborations of the year, dragging in Robert Smith for ‘Not In Love‘.

If you thought Jay-Z’s 99 Problems couldn’t be remixed any more then you were very wrong; Liam Howlet takes a simple but effective rework route for this banging Prodigy remix. New York three piece fun. live up to their name again with an acoustic version of their buzzing ‘Walking The Dog’. And last but not least, the hottest female to come out of Wales since… we can remember, Marina and the Diamonds gets a hypegenre workout courtesy of the ungoogleable but absolutely listenable oOoOO.

Go and get them.

N.E.R.D. & Daft Punk – Hypnotize U (Nero Remix) by Crossfire Music

Wiley – Mz Bratt Pow 2011 Dubplate by Crossfire Music

Wolf Gang – Lions In Cages (Submerse Remix) by Crossfire Music

Poly Styrene – Black Christmas by Crossfire Music

Shy FX – Raver (Breakage Remix) by Crossfire Music

Crystal Castles “Not In Love” (ftrg. Robert Smith) by

fun. ‘Walking The Dog (Acoustic)’ by Hassle Records

Jay-Z – 99 Problems (The Prodigy Remix) by Hypetrak

Marina and the Diamonds – Obsessions (oOoOO Remix) by Hypetrak

Girl Talk – All Day by Hypetrak