KR3W and SUPRA store to open in Slam basement

The good folk at Slam City Skates in London will have some company downstairs in the basement this year as KR3W and SUPRA are confirmed to take over the space downstairs where Rough Trade Records use to be before they moved to the East End.

ONE will officially launch this Saturday February 26th, with a grand opening celebration featuring a skate celebrity guest list that includes Chad Muska, Terry Kennedy, Stevie Williams, Ali Boulala, and Tom Penny as well as many esteemed local Londoners.

The celebration will continue at The Stag’s Head and will feature music from DJ Robbie Furze from the Big Pink, Bitches of Eastwick, Turbogeist, and PWBC.

Get down there at 3pm on Saturday for a signing sesh.

Slam City to host Supra and Kr3w opening ONE

Slam City Skates in London welcome a strong selection of team riders at the store this month.

Join Chad Muska, Terry Kennedy, Stevie Williams, Ali Boulala, Tom Penny, and Horsey at the Grand Opening of ONE, featuring the newest collections and exclusive products from Supra and KR3W in the basement.

Kick off is at 3pm.

Crailtap’s Mini DV Drawer ‘The Chocolate Tour Years’

This should be compulsory viewing for all those hiding from the snow this cold Tuesday morning. Crailtap have posted up some footage from one of skateboarding’s golden eras, the late 90s, specifically ‘The Chocolate Tour Years‘.

Watch below as Mike Carroll, Eric Koston, Stevie Williams, Chico Brenes, Richard Mulder, Guy Mariano and Scott Johnson remind us why skateboarding will always be awesome.