‘Off Season’, the Emerica UK team skate Alicante

emericaukEmerica‘s UK team riders headed to Alicante on the Costa Blanca in Spain for some sessions and returned after a full week of skating with this new edit put together by Hold Tight Henry.

Press play for Edit of the Week featuring Tom Knox, Casper Brooker, Chris Ault and Kyron Davis.

The Fugazi Live Series is now open

Fugazi‘s live series archive is now open with 130 shows now available to buy online at Dischord. The very first page has shows from Birmingham, Leeds and London gigs and if you delve even further you can find all sorts of other recordings from a plethora of appearances around the globe.

The recordings are priced at $5 each but the band have also given you a choice to make your own donation and leave a message with them personally which is cool.

Sign up, claim a free download and get stuck in to these shows and then watch this Snub TV footage of the band in December 1988 with interviews and footage from their first Boston Arms show. The UK desperately needs another Snub TV style show, programming like this is so sorely missed.

Javier Mendizabal and Quik team do Cádiz

quiksilverQuiksilver have a great street edit online today featuring Javier Mendizabal, Cristian Cortizo, Ignacio Morata, Gosha Konishev, Raphael Brunis and Maxim Habanec skating in Cádiz.

Head over to www.quiksilver.eu/skate and vote for your favourite photo in their gallery for a chance to win €500 of product.

Watch: Matix in Spain

Just before old man winter came and hit us with the cold cane last year, Matix were busy ensuring their riders soak up every drop the sun could have possibly offered by sending them on a skate trip to Spain where the rain and the man with the cane didn’t even make it through customs.

Have a gander below to see some Spanish shralping from Danny Brady, Torey Pudwill, Flo Mirtain, Ricardo Paterno and Vivien Feil.