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Will Bloblands get a makeover?

Photo by Styley: Louie Barletta, drinks nectar on the Blob in 2006.

louie_barletta_bloblandsWhatever country you are viewing this from, there’s a very good chance that you would have seen footage or photos of Bloblands over the years. The infamous volcanic blob that sits in the heart of South London’s suburbs has attracted skaters from far and wide, more than likely to be followed by another session at the Crystal Palace banks not too far away.

It has come to our attention this week that locals have started petitioning for Bloblands to get a makeover. An injection of council funding is heading to Norwood Park with the intention of updating the existing paddling pool area. Lambeth council has been awarded £60,000 from the Marathon Fund charity, of which the council will have to contribute £15,000 in match funding. Consultation will take place once a design has been formulated.

There are two concerns here. Will £75,000 be enough for a decent update to this area, and secondly, will the infamous Blob be kept in the final designs? Its heritage, like the Gap at Meanwhile, the Sausage at Stockwell is too legendary to destroy and replace with some cheap ledges or yet another London bowl. Before that is decided though, Norwood Park Skatepark Association are tackling the task of wininng over the opposition in the consultation process and that’s where your support from here can start the process. Like their Facebook page today and get involved in this.

The chances are, the Blob will exist in the new plans and the area will be a smoother ride than the last time your urethane was left all over the rough crete down there, but there’s something special about this place that makes it a mission to skate and that is exactly what makes it attractive to most.

Leave your views about Bloblands here, get involved and spread the word.