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Skrillex talks to Mixmag about skateboarding

“I’ve always loved Vallely.”

Dubstep producer Skrillex talked to Mixmag this week and declared his skills on a deck and more on record in a recent Q&A.

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When did you first start skating?

I first started skating when I was about nine – that was in San Francisco. Then, when I was about twelve, I moved to LA and used to skate at spots like Verdugo Hills high school, which is a really famous spot. I was always more into ‘go big’ – seeing how many stairs I could jump. My claims to fame when I was young were ollying the twelve-stair, pop shuvits, kick-flipping the six stair, stuff like that. I was also playing in punk bands at the time.

So do you still skateboard?

Absolutely. On the Mothership tour I’d skate for hours before a show. I’d work up a real sweat and be hyped before I went on stage.

Was your manager not against it – just in case you broke a wrist and couldn’t DJ?

Nah man! I’m not going to give it up. For me skateboarding is a bit like getting piercings and having my ears stretched. I’ve had them like that since I was young, but if I didn’t have them already, at this age, I probably wouldn’t get them done. Likewise, I’ve skateboarded for a long time, so I know my way. But if you weren’t that deep into it and you tried to go hard now, you could really fuck yourself up. Everybody is a bit more fearless when they’re young. Nowadays, I’m just doing flat down tricks – fun boxes and that kind of thing.

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