First ollie 720 pulled by Jake Brown

The X-Games is currently going on in Brazil right now with mega ramp comps setting new monstrous records as ever. This time round Jake Brown is back in the news, not for falling onto the flat bottom though, instead he is the first person to pull a 720′ ollie as captured on film here.

Corbin Harris pro for Element Oz with welcome edit

Corbin Harris has been so excited about this dropping all week that most people who own mags around the world must have got the message twice.

Not only does this have a slam in it that will make you wince (and prove that sometimes you have to take them to get what you want), there’s great skateboarding in this, tricks-a-plenty and a bizarre tent grind that will have you on the rewind. Good times.

Slam City Skates City of Rats promo video

slam_cityofratsSlam City Skates have been working on a new video to celebrate 25 years of servicing London’s skate scene and have dropped this amazing taster of what’s to come.

The production is being taken care of by Henry Edwards Wood and features a plethora of local skaters that includes Karim Bakhtaoui, Daniel “Snowy” Kinloch, John Tanner, Lucien Clarke, Casper Brooker, Neil Smith, Jin Shimizu, Joey Pressey, Rory Milanes, Olly Todd, Scott Howes, Rob Mathieson, Danny Brady, Nick Jensen, Steph Morgan and Darius Trabalza.

Watch the ‘City of Rats‘ promo here and look forward to the full release this Christmas.