Zenga Bros DIY Ramp History docu


If you follow us daily you would remember the Zenga Bros Skate Heads feature with the skateable train mini ramp from last year. These guys have been building stuff to skate since they could pick up a hammer and nails in Canada and not just ramps, they love making all sorts of nuts stuff that moves, from boats and bikes to homes.

Today, the history of their fascination with making stuff for people to enjoy has been unleashed and it’s a dope 9 minute journey. Get stuck in, get inspired and start building!

Watch Deer Man of Dark Woods in Magic Sticky Hand

Heroin Skateboards have liberated Deer Man of Dark Woods’ section from the 2007 DVD release of Magic Sticky Hand. If you missed the full sections released last week of Rogie, Colin Fiske, Jon Monie and Chris Ault then head for these hills.

Lakai: ‘A Postcard from Paris’ video with Euro team

Lakai have dropped a new edit featuring their European crew skating Parisian spots. This footage put together by Boris Proust features Sylvain Tognelli, Karsten Kleppan, Niklas Speer Von Cappeln, Max Frion, Gauthier Rouger, Daniel Espinoza, Sebo Walker and Nick Jensen.

Jart Skateboards’ ‘All You Need’ video online

Jart Skateboards have released their 3rd full length video ‘All You Need‘ today featuring Bastien Salabanzi, Steve King, Ivan Rivardo, Cian Eades, and many more. Head over to their Facebook page where it premiere’s this week.

Hereford Bowl footage from the UK Creature Tour

creatureskateboards_logoMore Creature UK tour footage has been unleashed just seconds ago, this time from their visit to Hereford’s concrete hole. Watch US and UK Creature team riders rip it up alongside Kill City’s finest here filmed by Richie Inskip.