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Jamie Thomas to close Fallen Footwear


Regardless of whether you pushed your rig in Fallen Footwear or not, the fact that a legendary skateboarder has had to close his shoe business down, is not only sad to hear, but paints a dark picture of exactly what is wrong within the skate industry in 2016.

Jamie Thomas, the brand’s head honcho, has given his entire life to skateboarding. He created brands that left a strong legacy in the history books, building and supporting teams that have pushed skateboarding forwards, taking a leap of faith into everything he has done with solid commitment. It’s a real shame to see any skater owned shoe brand close after 13 years of hard graft, but that’s sadly today’s news, Fallen’s Spring 2016 shoe run will be the last.

Generally, the skate scene has always looked after its own. Those who have decided to move into the business have pretty much, worked together through the good times and the bad. Dwindle distribution assisted Thomas when Black Box dist came to an end but unfortunately that goodwill still could not stop the fate of what was announced today.

Skateboarding’s independent standing in world business has always remained unique because generation after generation have fought for keeping skateboarding within skateboarding; fighting tooth and nail to keep skateboarding out of the clutches of billion dollar corporations…until now. Their heavyweight influence is rapidly eating into the foundations that skateboarding was originally built upon, so it’s now up to you to try and reverse that trend by voting with your feet and supporting brands run by skateboarders – that’s if you care enough about where your scene came from.

Remind yourself of the goodwill that skater owned companies stand for from this clip. The rest is in your hands. Choose Skateboarding or lose it completely.

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Donate to help the Future of Skateistan Youth


The good vibes of Skateistan are rolling forward with more support than ever right now. Watch this new edit on how skateboarding is inspiring children all around the world from this project. There are now 1200 youth, with over 40% girls, participating in high quality sport and education programming at their skate schools in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa.

You can be part of this movement by supporting their great cause. Even if you donate a little bit, it will go a long way. Pick up some karma points for yourself here today.

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Skateistan lose skate kids to tragic suicide bombing

This is the most tragic news you will ever read on here coming straight from the blog of the Skateistan camp in Afghanistan. Our thoughts go out to all of the people connected with the project, family and friends as this news is totally unjust and heart breaking to even write on here today.

“On the morning of Saturday September 8th a suicide attack in Kabul claimed the lives of a number of young Afghans. The bomb was detonated outside of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) HQ, where many of the street working children of Kabul sell trinkets, scarves and chewing gum to help support their families.”

“We are very sad to learn that of the six young children confirmed to have passed away, four of them were students, volunteers and youth leaders at Skateistan, who were well-loved and well-known faces for the entire team in Kabul. It is therefore with great pain and heavy hearts that we share our memories of children who were not just victims of senseless violence, but also beautiful human beings who will never be forgotten by their teachers, peers, co-workers, students, friends or family.

Read the full story here.

Photo: Mohammad Eeza (age 13, left)– As one of the original Skateistan students, Eeza joined lessons at the Mekroyan fountain in 2009 before the skatepark was built, along with his younger brother Subhanullah. His teachers remember him as an enthusiastic and keen young student at Skateistan.

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Howies to auction mini ramp for Skateistan

Clothing company Howies are helping the Skateistan cause this week by offering you an opportunity to buy their mini ramp that is currently set up in a barn out West. Funds from the auction will go towards the young people in Afghanistan who are able to learn to skate thanks to the goodwill of the countries first co-educational skateboarding school.

The ramp that is 5ft high and 16ft wide will be for auction on eBay towards the end of August but if you would like to bid to own the ramp then keep an eye on the Howies website where you will find all info.

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Skateistan enjoyes Go Skateboarding Day in Afghanistan

skateistanOver 180 kids of Kabul, Afghanistan enjoyed their 3rd organised Go Skateboarding Day yesterday.

Reading updates from their blog last night, the organiser noted that; “Some skated, some sat and were pushed by a friend and others ran, awaiting their turn. Regardless of how they negotiated the 1.6km route, over potholes in the fiery sunshine, they smiled and laughed all the way. It was difficult to tell what surprised onlookers more, the magical wheeled boards or simply the speeding clusters of boys and girls dressed in flowing, coloured rainbows of Afghan clothing. Gentle nods sent the happy spectacle on its way, as life returned to normal in its wake.”

It’s amazing to see this happening. Watch the trailer for the full Skateistan: Four Wheels and A Board in Kabul film and note that it has been selected for inclusion in this year’s Los Angeles Film Festival that is running right now. If you are a skate distributor reading this, then donate some product to their cause. Let us know and we will run some news for you. All details here.