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What is your vision for the future of skateboarding?

The BBC are currently running a competition for artists to bring their visions of the years ahead to their creative department. One of the cartoons that arose this morning from their feature included skateboarding monks. They are actually sat on wheeled decks as opposed to pushing them.

The results made me think of what skateboarding could be in the future considering that only 37 years ago in 1976, Alan Gelfand first delivered the ollie that would transform skateboard tricks forever. Since that ollie, our scene has successfully invented an entire book full of tricks, skateparks have evolved into plaza’s, twelve year old’s are making 1080’s on megaramps, and technology has allowed us to skate better by shaping the shoes, decks, trucks and wheels over the years.

The list is endless, but the question is: What is your vision for the future of skateboarding? What will be the most talked about trick, and what will your children be skating in 2060?