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TRIBUTE – Unseen Menace footage


Unseen Menace team footage has been released from the archives of 1996. In Enrique Lorenzo’s words:

“Tribute is the name of the video edited by Mario Cano and filmed by Fernando Garcia (L.A.), Enrique Lorenzo, Felix Bollaín and Mario Cano. It includes original and previously unseen footage of the Menace boys Fabian Alomar, Eric Pupecki, Billy Valdez, Joey Suriel, Lee Smith, Steven Cales and Javier Nuñez mixed with the likes of Enrique Lorenzo´s Louw: Octavio Barrera, Felipe Bartolomé, Pol Catena, Carlos Cardeñosa and Juan Virues.”

Head here for a hilarious True Story blog piece from back in the day with Fabian Alomar.