Luke Jarvis Memorial edit

luke_jarvis_ripSadly, Luke Jarvis passed away on the 16th December of 2016.

He was present at pretty much all of our skate events and always bust his arse to get a trick down amongst the finest there.

He was one of those guys who rolled in and gave it all from the first to last minute of a session whatever the harshness of the slam. Yep, one of those crazy fuckers.

We were away over Christmas and not updating the mag when the news broke of his sad passing, but it hurt bad, as it always does. His local Essex crew have lost a soul mate, a damn good friend, a crazy bastard and a son. Thoughts go out to all of Luke’s family and friends. Especially his father, Andrew who took him everywhere from an early age, supporting him in what he loved doing, allowing him to have freedom of expression wherever he desired to go.

Here’s a tribute edit that has surfaced this week put together, kindly by Warren Munson. If you scroll down you will find a new tribute event (Facebook event here) that is planned to see him off in style this June with bands, skating and everything he loved and shared with friends.

May Luke Jarvis rest in peace.


Classics: Tom Penny in Menikmati


All hail Tom Penny from his Menikmati section for éS back in 2000. French Fred left some words about it:

“When I was editing Menikmati, it was pretty cool to go thru old tapes containing Penny footage, that other people filmed. At the time of Menikmati, Tom was in a very dark period, getting new footage with him was pretty much mission impossible. So we decided to use old archives for this part, whatever cool stuff we would find, then saving whatever new stuff for his Flip “Sorry” part. For this Menikmati part, I only filmed the switch front foot impossible on the hip!”

Death Skateboards Ben Schroeder guest deck

benschroeder_deathskateboardsDeath Skateboards have released a one-off guest board this week for skate legend Ben Schroeder. Ben was involved in a head on collision with a car back in August 2011. He was hillbombing at 40mph and a car hit him at mach 10 and then ran over him. The car stopped with the tyre on top of his left leg resulting in his shin bone (tibia) being broken in two.

Speaking to Nick Zorlac last night he said: “I thought it would be a good time to do a Ben Schroeder guest board on Death. One because he one of skateboarding’s all time greats, and two because he needs some help right now. These decks just landed, are a limited edition and have turned out great. Graphic by Jason Davey.”

Help a fellow skateboarder here.

Watch Richie Jackson’s Free Lunch interview

richiejackson_skateboarderEver wondered what Richie Jackon would look like if you shaved him down and made him dress in usual skate attire? Think about that for one second before clicking play on Death’s most technically gifted pro rider who discusses ice-cream, new tricks, his hairy face, and much more on this new Free lunch interview.

Steve Alba hits 50 years

The first time I saw Salba in a magazine back in 1987, I was blown away by a shot of him skating Pipeline skatepark in Upland. Wearing leopard skin, pro-designd pads and tucked into the curves of the pipe, ‘Le Machine’ as he was nicknamed back then ruled pools, pipes and parks and had a presence that earned him a reputation in the skate scene in California that most would aspire to.

Now 50 years into his life, Steve Alba is still scouting out pools and still giving skateboarding everything he has. Incredible feat. Incredible skateboarder. Watch his Spitfire video and more below and look forward to pushing your rig when you get to that half century.

HAPPY 50TH SALBA from dlxsf on Vimeo.

Skateboarding Venom Injecting Superman

As best friends go, one of mine, Steve Ludwin is not your average mate you go down the pub with, discuss the latest TV show and say goodnight. Over the 18 years we have known each other, I have seen some of the most bizarre things with reptiles I will ever see in London. Waking up on his sofa to feel one of the most poisonous snakes in the world licking your nose was just one of them. All just for the crack, of course.

Steve features in a recently filmed documentary for VICE this week and explains how injecting venom enhances his skateboarding, his personal studies in his quest to help find a cure for cancer through snake venom and much more.

Watch Ron Allen’s 50th Birthday section for Paradise

For those of you wondering who Ron Allen is, the San Joaquin Valley Californian boasts legendary skateboard history for his whizzplanking skills throughout the H-Street Hokus Pokus days, Speed Freaks/Risk it, Gullwing days and much more.

Celebrating his 50th Birthday and still ripping, Allen’s new Paradise Wheels footage should inspire you to never give up the things you love in your life for nobody.

Skateboarder taken out by deer at 45 mph

high-speed-skateboard-rider-hit-by-a-stray-deer-0002You know how hard it hurts when you are rolling the streets and hit a small stone unexpectedly? Well imagine you are hurtling downhill at 45mph and a deer comes out of the bushes and hits you like a train?!

This happened to Ryan Vitale who was taking part in the Buffalo Bill Downhill Blood Spill racing comp in Golden, Colorado. Without him even knowing, taken out completely.

Thankfully neither Ryan or the deer were injured but watch this footage.