Jacky – full video


If you expected Phil Zwijsen to sit around feeling sorry for himself when he’s injured then think again. His downtime only meant two things had to happen. Firstly to recuperate and secondly to get creative with others.

Enjoy Jacky with footage of Alex Raeymaekers, Axel Cruysberghs, Bram Decleen, Hans, Claessens, Jarne Verbruggen, Maarten De Ryck and Yeelen Moens who all feature in this black and white, 17 minute promo, shot in Belgium.

The Sunday Roast


Photo of the Week: Robert Marquez takes this long old wallride to grass shot by Dennis Carlson.

Miles Silvas’ new edit is as smooth as butter. One of our faves of this week for sure.

Spawn took it the fucking hard way as usual. Piss Drunk on the serious rip for Propeller.

How many NBDs went down at Clipper’s send off? Thanks Thrasher.

ghIt seems nothing is impossible right now. So many amazing tricks are popping up daily.

Garrett Hill rolled out this front foot steez on the Filament Shoes insta this week to grand applause.

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What makes a ‘real skateboarder’? The one and only Craig Questions asks more of his namesake with J Mag and Hawk.

Those who like to go back to the future should appreciate Öctagon. Get the teas on.

Henry Jones’ art makes us smile daily. Follow him on insta.


Want an open ended book of radness? Grosso opens up a full can of worms on who is the best at what in skate history. Amazing homage to so many legends in the game.

This week’s Vault pick comes from Toy Machine’s’Jump Off A Building’ video released back in 1998. Enjoy footage of Bam Margera, Elissa Steamer, Ed Templeton, Chris Senn, Kerry Getz, Mike Maldonado and Brian Anderson.

David Gravette in CSFU

David Gravette’s new part in the Creature‘s CSFU video is absolutely ridiculous. All terrain is slayed, both palms are probably resembling pizza’s and the tricks are absolute jokes. If you are going to watch anything online this week, this is it.

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