Mother Collective RIP as Quasi Skateboards is born


The guys at Mother Collective ran into some legal nightmares only a few months after launching their new skate company and were served up a cease and desist letter. Like any name thesedays, it’s tough to find one that isn’t owned by someone else, even if it’s not for the same goods, but it looks like they’ve nailed the issue head on.

You can imagine the amount of stress this would have caused but they have fought it and re-launched this week under a new name, so welcome Quasi Skateboards and their new first run of decks that look incredible.

Nothing has changed other than the name so look out for these colourful gems in your local skate shop.

Blue balls 8.375″ X 32.25″.


8″ X 32.125″ & 8.25″.


Bledsoe – ‘Shaman’ One 8.125″.



Gilbert Crockett – ‘Quilt’ 8.25″ & 8.5″.



’72 [ whitewash ] 8.5″ X 33″.


‘Proto One’ 8.25″ X 32.125″. Comes with a free custom mini-sharpie.


Would a skateboard made from cardboard work?


Paul Schmitt has more experience and knowledge of making skateboards than anyone else on earth so when he was set a task to make a deck made of cardboard, it was odds on he would probably be able to pull it off. Tony Hawk tests the final design in this new engineering feat.

Mother Collective Skateboards first catalogue


Mother Collective, the new skateboard company that launched this month with Jake Johnson, Tyler Bledsoe, and Gilbert Crockett repping team business out of Ohio, have launched their first catalogue as seen on Tumblr this morning. Check out the new decks will start to hit stores at the end of March.

Follow them on Insta.




Chocolate Skateboards Epicly Later’d episode 3


The 3rd installment of Chocolate Skateboards’ 20 year Epicly Later’d series sees Las Vegas ripper Kenny Anderson in the spotlight discussing his admiration for Brian Lotti as he grew up skating for Chris Miller’s Planet Earth. Marc Johnson‘s journey to the sweet side also makes up half of this episode with tales of the Chocolate Tour, Evan Hecox’ classic artwork and portrait graphics that still remain a huge part of Chocolate’s identity for two decades.

If you missed the first and second episodes from this must watch series from Vice, scroll down and take all of this history in.

Evan Smith Experience Pro Part

Evan Smith has joined the pro ranks at Element Skateboards today with a ridiculous four minute edit that takes Skate Edit of the Week. The 22 year old from Florida takes apart huge gaps, banks, stairs, pools, ledges and everything else in front of him. Press play for all round goodness and take your pick for best trick.

Crayon release Rob Parsonson Bro Model

Every scene has a lifer, a legend, a skateboarder who has inspired the rest of the scene for years and pulled everyone up when they go down. This week, Crayon Skateboards have honoured one Canvey Island’s finest with a Bro Model. Check out the surprise presentation when they delivered the news to Rob Parsonson with a session from Andy ‘Ev’s Evans and the lost Art Crew.

Watch Heroin Skateboards new ‘Video Nasty’ trailer!


Wake up to the news that Heroin Skateboards have released an explosive trailer for their next full video titled VIDEO NASTY. The team has been shooting footage ready for a June 2013 release so hit that play button for Chet Childress, Gou Miyagi, Daniel Shimizu, Chopper, Fos, Rogie, Tom Day, Casper Brooker, Craig Questions, Stephen Malet, and Deer Man of Dark Woods.

How hyped?!

Almost Impact Tour at BaySixty6


Only the brave tour Europe in January but the Almost Skateboards team didn’t flinch when asked to hit the road across various countries that started in Berlin and ended here in London at the BaySixty6 skate park. It was not the easiest tour to be on. An hour before the team were scheduled to drop a demo at the Skatehalle in Berlin, news of Lewis Marnell’s rumoured passing had reached Chris Haslam, Youness Amrani, Daryl Dominguez and Willow who threw themselves into this tour the best way they could knowing they had just lost a brother.

The UK was absolutely freezing and by far the coldest day of the year but on arrival, London’s faithful were there ready and waiting for them despite news that the scheduled demo had been cancelled. Almost UK rider Daryl Dominguez and Bay shredder Kyron McGrath-Davis joined in with the fun to skate the Double Impact comp and like lemmings, those who couldn’t land tricks felt the cold, hard concrete across the small stair set and rail and the big 5 stair set and rail until a winner was announced. Best trick overall went to Nai Sukanant with a switch hardflip down the big five and he took it well.

Click play for short interviews with Daryl Dominguez and Chris Haslam on the night and grab yourself an Almost package in this month’s competition.


Watch the highlights of the skating from the night from Tom Drake & Harry Garcia:

Watch the Almost Berlin demo at Skatehalle here:

Almost Demo – Skatehalle Berlin from skatehalle berlin on Vimeo.