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Stockwell Skatepark Jam & BBQ

Jake Snelling- Backside Invert Ph: Rich West


Today, 22nd August, Friends of Stockwell Skatepark are hosting a Jam at short notice. If you’re around today and need something to do, get down for the usual BBQ, Music and overall good vibes. Even if you’ve got something to do, ditch it. What’s better than skating after all?
3pm onwards and run it into the night, everyone is welcome.

Learn a little more about Britain’s friendliest place to skate, Stockwell AKA Brixton Beach below.

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Watch new Crossfire Xmas Jam video


Danny Bulmer’s personal video edit from December’s Xmas Jam has been released online overnight. Reminisce our 10th Anniversary get together at London’s BaySixty6 skate park and find the full feature with more footage and gallery photos here.

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The Crossfire Xmas Jam 2012 feature

The weather reports in the lead up to this 10 Year celebration went from a possible fat dump of snow, to freezing frog, but the end result was perfect blues on the day. We were so lucky, because it was freezing from Monday to Wednesday but the weather went from 2′ to 10′ in two days.

Those thinking this is great news may not know that after a big freeze like that, the motorway over-hanging BaySixty6 skate park suddenly starts to sweat, meaning condensation fills the walls when a sudden change in the weather happens. The day before the jam, the park was soaked, so we all lucked out big time.

Before the event kicked off, I had the pleasure of dressing the park with banners and stickers as usual, and was stoked to have two kids ask if they could help. It was more of a surprise though when none other than Paul Weller asked if he could hang Ricta banners around the bowl. Crossfire would never have started if I had not have heard ‘Setting Sons’ by The Jam back in the early 80’s. This album has some seriously powerful lyrics. This happening was personally a lovely 10th Anniversary gift, so big ups to Mr Weller for making my day.

The un-sponsored jams commenced on the Grizzly Grip Tape ledges. Everything landed in this rapid fire 15 minute session came courtesy from our guest ams and pro’s warming up and so many tricks that were never actually made, so the vouchers were taken over to the small stair set.

Santa checks the park for booby traps ahead of doors. Explosive jam incoming. Ph: Richard West


Like lemmings, people dropped all sorts of goodness on us. This included Tomas Monkevičius‘ kickflip fs board slide on the rail that took Stand Up‘s dough. Nai Sukanant’s switch hardflip on the small stair set was a banger, Craig Loveless pulled out a nollie hardflip, but it was Gytis Bluivas‘ switch bigspin heelflip that rocked the joint. He was so close to taking a fs smith flip out on the ledge before this too, like, really close, but this was just the beginning for Gytis as you will find out further down this page. Alex Tibble closed the un-sponsored procedures with a quick-as-you like, straight-out-of-the box switch fs flip over the small gap. If you blinked, you would have missed it.

Watch the official video edit filmed/edited by Andy Evans, additional filming from Danny Bulmer and Tom Gillespie.

The park was a mess by 2pm. Boards were being sprayed everywhere. There’s so much more room in the new Bay park, but during an open jam style event, it’s quite hard to find that space needed when it’s busy. People tend to sit on obstacles and get in the way, making it difficult for people to land tricks. That aside, we had no major collisions other than two blokes locking horns in the bowl, and the usual scrap in the product toss, so considering the chaos, nobody was seen limping into an ambulance.

Six people skating the bowl at once = carnage. Ph: Richard West

Gytis Bluivas takes the DGK jam with style. Ph: Tom Halliday

The DGK Hubba Jam was instantly set upon by Thomas Harrison whose tail slides didn’t connect for him, but out of nowhere came Aaron Neville‘s impossible 5-0 before Alex DeCuhna laid down a stealth fs smith and kick-flipped out. Dan Wileman pushed a fs blunt, Sox ollied onto it and pushed a nose manual down it, Shaun Currie took a sweet noseslide 270-out before that Lithuanian ripper Gytis Bluivas returned with a crook only to nollie flipped out. He took the honours, and the dough. We hear that on this display, Gytis may end up with a sponsor. Let’s hope so, he fully deserves it.

Alex DeCunha delivers a mansize FS smith flip out. Ph: Tom Halliday


Sox had manny mania. Ph: Tom Halliday


It was Tom Steel who came up with the idea of wrapping board boxes for the HUF high ollie jam. The choice of Xmas wrapping paper and overall job would have received thumbs up from Blue Peter I reckon.

Mark Radden killed it all day for Death. Ph: Tom Halliday

With the driveway prepped, and the boxes continuously stacked, it came down to three potential candidates for the win. Chris Oliver sneaked one over the top ninja style and rode out on two wheels. Mark Radden pushed the boundaries and popped what we thought would be the winner until Thomas Harrison took out six boxes and closed the account. Absolutely epic stuff.

Thomas Harrison ollies The National Skateboard Co into their first win. Ph: Tom Halliday.


Balls of steel. Joe Habgood back-D’s the wall hole. Ph: Tom Halliday


If the wall jam at this year’s Halloween Massacre was anything to go by, we were about to see even more NBD’s destroy its steep transitions. This wall is no joke and way steeper than the previous build. It didn’t bother Joe Habgood though, whose first trick was to fakie rock the high section. I can confirm that he is the first to lay that down for sure. His backside disaster in the wall hole and fs nosepick raised beers across the park too. The unicorn juice was certainly flowing today.

Jed Cullen takes a pivot fakie. Ph: Tom Halliday


Ryan Price threw another fs nosepick into the mix, Sox pulled in off the coping to fakie and also left a one foot rock fakie behind. Again, another NBD went down. Jed Cullen took the honours though with a blunt fakie on the coping, and then on the high wall like Joe (just to rub it in!) and also took a pivot fakie home too. What a session.

Lloyd McLeggon had catch, bolts and steez. Watch him in 2013. Ph: Tom Halliday

The big rail sesh and stair set was quite a spectacle too. The rail was kept warm by John Howlett who made sure he feebled it and also left a backside smith for us to ponder on. Jess Young took a sick tailslide revert, Daryl Dominguez also saw his tail do the work right in front of Brum’s Luke Kindon, whose crook backside lipslide was deemed the winner.

John Howlett back smith’s the rail. Ph: Richard West


The stairs got a serious workout. Oldham’s LLoyd Mcleggon was catching his board with steez as he kickflipped and hardflipped the 5. Bloke went down though and was helped out at the final whistle with a tweaked knee and a groin whack. This year’s I.D star Awahd Mohammed looked like he was walking away with the pounds with a sick bs 360 ollie, but in the very last second Liverpool’s Charlie Birch laid down a fs bigspin that had everyone on their feet. The place erupted and he took the lot. Ridiculousness.

A Third Foot’s Dave Pegg ripped all day long with hardlflips and more. Ph: Tom Halliday

Lloyd McLeggon recovered from this with a groin strain. Ph: Rich West

Ledge fiends then filled the quad with tailslides, nosegrinds and more on the Grizzly Grip ledge sesh. So many people skated, yet so little was taken away clean. Honorary mentions include Alex DeCunha‘s front smith kick flip out (that we didn’t manage to get on film or tape), Caradog Emmanuel‘s fs tail slide flip out and Thomas Harrison’s second winning trick on the day for the National Skateboard Co, a tailslide 270 out which again, didn’t make it to film due to people being in the way. This was a frustrating session for coverage but what went down in the chaos was ace.

Daryl Dominguez takes a fs kickflip over his local hole. Ph: Tom Halliday

Double D then pushes the boat out with a fs heelflip. Job done. Ph: Richard West


Big tings were going down in the warm up for the Superdead Gap Jam. Clean ollies were beong thrown down as set ups for various other tricks, but with this gap being fucking huge, it eventually came down to three contenders. Vans rider Daryl Dominguez opened the proceedings with a kickflip which spurned on Lovenskate’s Ewen Bower to float an ollie over the beast and revert it right at the last millisecond. Whilst people were picking their jaws up from the floor from that, Death’s Mikey Patrick (who has returned from an injury) launched a few attempts to bs ollie fakie the channel, until he hit the sweet spot. A total meltdown was in place but this was just the beginning. Daryl then threw another kickflip across the beast and then started some heelflip assaults. Ewen upped the ante with a stalefish revert (yes, wtf!) and took the piss with a fully-cocked-leg benihana. Shut down. Every skater in that park went nuts and then started to chant Daryl’s name. You know he was going to have it, and then there it was. Bang! Electric session!

Benihana’s suck, but not when Ewen Bower floats them this high. Ph: Tom Halliday


Ewen’s stalefish revert over the beast gap was pure class. Ph: Richard West


How do you follow that mentalness? Only one way, and that’s to get stuck into a bowl sesh fueled by Ricta. It was a mess in there! 6 people at a time, full throttle. Sox had a bunch of tricks up his sleeve, Habgood was roaring through the place catching diving board gashes in his shins from the weak. He took a sick nosepick out of the bowl, so did Jed. Sick tricks. The hip jam was won by Greg Nowik, whose selection of fine xmas pickings warmed the cockles enough to hand him the dough. It was his fs shuv that really got tails tapping though. Carl Wilson’s hip work was sterling as ever, Ryan Price was bang up for it, Ewen Bower dropped some bangers. Too much, too many, too much again.

Joe Habgood nosepicks to glory. Ph: Tom Halliday

Nowik tried the double flip. Ph Tom Halliday

Stalefish action from Witchcraft’s secret weapon, Morph. Ph: Richard West

Jed Cullen takes his Blakey moustache to new levels in the bowl jam. Ph: Richard West


‘Chav’ Dan Hill was the only person able to actually grind more than 10 feet. He managed only two thirds of the double pocket he laid down at the Halloween Massacre to win the longest grind comp. The carnage was so rife in that bowl that tricks were hard to come by, knowing that someone is about to smash you in the back of the head as you land a trick.

Max Roton needs no colour for his fs boneless steez. Ph: Richard west

Chroliver‘s head high kickflips would have been trick of the day if he had landed one, instead, he got his arse out for the transfer jam and mooned the platform like a slut. I’m amazed that nobody’s head got stuck up his harris from the amount of people flying over the barrier. Witchcraft’s New Zealand bomber Morph was in every run laying it down in camouflage attire. He was also busting out 360’s out of there, until he took the tail of his 8.5 on landing. Terrorist moves. Charlie Birch then drew blood from his head in the melee. There was also a serious head clash in the bowl before Habgood rolled out of there with some moolah for his nosepick and transfer prowess. The bear’s insides maybe fucked, but he’s tough on the outside and will battle anyone.

Jono Coote slams down a handplant. Ph: Richard West


If you were not there on the platform to witness this and sat at home awaiting footage like a mong, then you will never understand what this frenzied session was like, ever. Thanks Ricta, you fucking rule. The skateboarding certainly didn’t let us down.

The after party saw Chroliver taking over the decks and a full house filled the Portobello Pop Up Cinema for the UK premiere screening of the banging new DGK video ‘Parental Advisory‘. A huge amount of work has been put into this production, the skating is ridiculous. Pure tech dream stuff. Go grab a copy of it this Xmas.



Tomas Monkevičius – Kickflip FS board slide on the small rail.

Nai Sukanant – Switch Hardflip on the small stair set.

Gytis Bluivas: Switch bigspin heelflip down the small stair set.

Craig Loveless: Nollie hardflip down the small stair set.

Alex Tibble: Switch fs flip over the small gap.

Jess Young takes a tailsilde revert for Kill City’s hit list. Ph: Richard West


Greg Nowik’s front shuv was one of many. Standard solo show for Xmas. Ph: Tom Halliday




Best Hip Trick: Greg Nowik: FS late shuv and many more.

Longest Grind: ‘Chav’ Dan Hill.

Best tricks out of the bowl/transfer: Joe Habgood – FS nosepick on the outer wall/ FS 180 to nosestall and backside 180 to rock fakie into the barrier out of the bowl.

Chav Dan whoops a big backside-D slide once the carnage clears. Ph: Tom Halliday


DGK HUBBA JAM: Gytis Bluivas – Crook nollie flip out.

HUF HIGH OLLIE JAM (driveway): Thomas Harrison (6 boxes).

SUPERDEAD GAP JAM: Split winners – Daryl Dominguez – 2 x kickflips, heelflip. Ewen Bower – FS Ollie revert, FS Stalefish revert, Benihana.

GRIZZLY GRIP TAPE LEDGE JAM: Thomas Harrison – FS tailslide fs 270 shuv out, in and out of ledge.

WALLRIDE JAM: Jed Cullen – Blunt fakie, Pivot fakie, fakie rock (on high section).

RAIL JAM: Luke Kindon – Crook to back lip slide.

STAIR SESH: Charlie Birch – FS Bigspin.

‘The Spaniard’ Ivan Rodriguez sings Feliz Navidad to his well wishers over the hip. Ph: Tom Halliday.


Huge thanks to Paul McDermott and everyone at BaySixty6 skate park, Ian Deacon at Ricta, Vicki and Alan at Shiner, Wes at Rocksolid, Maf and Ross at Out of Step, Tez and Harry at Superdead, Jane and Adam at I-Five, all at Slam City and at Stand Up Skate Shop.

Massive thanks to all of the UK guest team riders that made it into the big smoke from Death, Heroin, Kill City, Skateboard Cafe, Science, 50-50 crew, Fabric, HUF, DGK, Superdead, Lovenskate, Ricta, A Third Foot, Steak, Crayon The National Skateboard Co, The Harmony and Witchcraft.

Big ups to Mark Brewster, Rich West, Tom Halliday, Andy Evans, Danny Bulmer, Tom Gillespie, Marcroy Smith, Jim O’Raw, Paul Weller, the two kids who helped me dress the park, Ben Larthe, Ross McGouran and Kyron Davis.

Tight grip yo. Ph: Tom Halliday

Product toss mayhem. Ph: Richard West


Bundles. Ph: Richard West

Super Brewster. Ph: Richard West


Double D and Ewen Bower stole the show. Ph: Tom Halliday.

Unidentified flying object. Ph: Tom Halliday


Liverpool’s Charlie Birch will be the UK’s most talked about skateboarder in years to come. Remember this. Ph: Tom Halliday


Porno Paul and Nowik know. Ph: Tom Halliday

xmas porn_ pornopaul_crossfirexmasjam

Chav Dan tries out some Guerrero steez. Ph: Tom Halliday

You can hear the snap of Habgood’s nose on the coping. Merry Xmas all. Ph: Tom Halliday.


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Crossfire Xmas Jam 2012 video


Here it is. Carnage from the Crossfire Xmas Jam on Saturday 15th December 2012. Follow your nose for the FULL feature.

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Crossfire Xmas Jam 2012 results

Ph: Thomas Harrison ollies high to take the HUF jam.

Tomharrison_crossfirexmasjam2012What a day. The weather held, the atmosphere at BaySixty6 was electric and the people that mattered most traveled long distances to witness what went down at this year’s 10th Anniversary Xmas Jam event. It was absolutely amazing.

The level of skating was upped. All of the individual best trick jams were rife with NBD’s as predicted. The unsponsored comps seriously impressed.

The DGK video premiere worked a treat following the onslaught of skateboarding, so this day will be one that we never forget. HUGE thanks to the Bay staff, all of our filmers and photographers plus all who made the effort to be there. We are talking about everyone who traveled distances including so many UK pro teams and shops and didn’t just sit at home waiting for footage to drop. Those who repped know that you will never replace the energy that we witnessed on the internet. You cannot beat it live.

We are working on footage and gallery photos today and will drop a full feature as soon as we can. In the meantime here are the results. Look out for more visual treats rolling through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Big thanks to all of our sponsors Ricta Wheels, DGK, Superdead Skateboards, Grizzly Griptape, HUF, Slam City, and Stand Up Skate Shop who helped form this event and celebrated 10 years of good times.


Tomas Monkevičius – Kickflip FS board slide on the small rail.

Nai Sukanant – Switch Hardflip on the small stair set.

Gytis Bluivas: Switch bigspin heelflip down the small stair set.

Craig Loveless: Nollie hardflip down the small stair set.

Alex Tibble: Switch fs flip over the small gap.



Best Hip Trick: Greg Nowik: FS late shuv and many more.

Longest Gring: ‘Chav’ Dan Hill.

Best tricks out of the bowl/transfer: Joe Habgood – FS nosepick on the outer wall/ FS 180 to nosestall and backside 180 to rock fakie into the barrier out of the bowl.

DGK HUBBA JAM: Gytis Bluivas – Crook nollie flip out.

HUF HIGH OLLIE JAM (driveway): Thomas Harrison (6 boxes).

SUPERDEAD GAP JAM: Split winners – Daryl Dominguez – 2 x kickflips, heelflip. Ewen Bower – FS Ollie revert, FS Stalefish revert, Benihana.

GRIZZLY GRIP TAPE LEDGE JAM: Thomas Harrison – FS tailslide fs 270 shuv out, in and out of ledge.

WALLRIDE JAM: Jed Cullen – Blunt fakie, Pivot fakie, fakie rock (on high section).

RAIL JAM: Luke Kindon – Crook to back lip slide.

STAIR SESH: Charlie Birch – FS Bigspin.

It was very difficult judging the winners on the day so there will be many honorable mentions in the main feature as it was tough to judge due to the amount of amazing stuff that went down. Look out for that soon and until then, take in these photos from Tom Halliday.


Gytis Bluivas ripped hard and killed the DGK Hubba and small stair set. Someone sponsor him please.

Witchcraft’s Joe Habgood ripped all day long, spotted here in the backside disaster pose with an upcoming ripper.


Ewen Bower completes a hat trick over the Superdead Gap with a floating Benihana. Pisstaker.

More soon.

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Results from the 2012 Halloween Massacre skate jam

Chav Dan takes the longest grind comp. Ph: Ben Larthe


We had a serious session on Saturday. Thanks to all who came out to play at the Halloween Massacre 2012. We have been destroyed since the party, which was a proper knees up, so whilst the features, galleries and footage are all pieced together today, here’s an update from the skate jam for those who could not make it or just pussied out because it was cold.

There were too many amazing moments from the jam but four overall winners took some cash for their individual performances on the day. Firstly, Danish skater Dannie Carlsen (below photo by Ben Larthe) took the overall honours in the bowl jam with so many tricks including blunt flip fakies and so much more. This guy absolutely rips on a skateboard! Rob Smith took the vert wall jam with an array of tricks from heelblocks to blunt fakies. Alex DeCunha took the rail jam with talslide flip out and kickflip nosegrind (I think). Chav Dan took the longest grind with a fs 5050 that took both shallow end corners out. Ridiculous stuff. So many NBD’s went down due to the skatepark being so new.

Thanks to all who dressed up. Hilarious outfits! Notably the Banana, Jesus, the Pirates, Zip Face (who won best fancy dress on the day). Big ups to all of the BaySixty6 staff for hosting us plus photographer Ben Larthe, Sirus and Al who were there taking the evidence on the day for your perusal soon. Huge thanks to all of the guest riders from Heroin, Lovenskate, Kill City, Creature, Witchcraft, Death and Stand Up and who braved the cold to entertain us with some incredible skateboarding all afternoon.

The full feature is in motion but for now, hold tight the party destroyed us. It was insanely good fun! Thanks to all!

dannie carlsen

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Design a Halloween Facebook Header and win stuff!

Want to takeover the Crossfire and Front Magazine facebook cover images on Halloween and win some tickets to the Massacre events a Kill City Skateboards deck signed by the full team in the process? (Scroll down the page to see your prize) If so, all you have to do is design your own personalised Facebook cover image in our ‘Off With You Header’ comp this week. Too easy!

To assist you, we have hosted some Crossfire and Front images in this folder for you to use if you need them. Download them. You can use whatever imagery you like though, inclusing photos of previous Halloween party stuff, gore, horror, anything! Get on it and submit your design by Friday!


1. ‘Like’ on Facebook.
2. ‘Like’ Front Mag on Facebook
3. Design a Halloween themed Facebook cover image (851 x by 315 pixels if you want perfection. Any size though will do. It could be a photo of you in fancy dress, gore, whatever. Your choice.
4. Submit your bloodthirsty work by uploading your image on Crossfire’s Facebook wall by Fri 26th October.
5. Random ticket winners will be drawn on Fri 26th Oct, 4pm
6. The best images will be put into a vote on Monday 29th October
7. The most ‘Liked’ design will take over the Front Mag and Crossfire Facebook headers on Halloween.

This 8″ deck will be signed by the Kill City team and sent to your house in the post if your design wins!

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The Crossfire Halloween Massacre 2012

The Facebook event page to invite guests is located here.

The infamous CROSSFIRE HALLOWEEN MASSACRE returns to London on Saturday 27th October with a frenzied skate jam during the day and a boat party at night for all fiends.

As this year marks 100 years of HMS Titanic going down, we invite you to shred the brand new BaySixty6 Skatepark with guest pro teams and then hail the high seas on the Thames for a nautical themed evening of Hip Hop, Rock, Breaks, Drum ‘n’ Bass and more aboard The Battersea Barge with guest DJ’s.

Start planning your travel arrangements and book two days off work to recover.

The Skate Jam at Bay Sixty 6 will be open to all from 12pm-5pm and will feature guest pro riders from Witchcraft, Creature (UK), Lovenskate, Kill City, Heroin and Death Skateboards. Expect an open, all day skate jam with best street trick comps in the new hydraulic street section, plus a Zombie bowl sesh in the new 6ft beast. This will be a day of total carnage in the new park where NBD’s will be on display all day from the session.

Confirmed guest riders include:

Heroin: Questions, Rogie, Casper Brooker and Tom Day.
Lovenskate: Ewen Bower, Matt Ransom, Chav Dan, Lucy Adams, Alex Barton and Lee Santer.
Witchcraft: Arbel Samsanov, Max Roton, Mikey Joyce and Jamie Morley.
Death: Rob Smith, Dan Cates, Nudge, Adam Moss, Sam Murgatroyd, Alex Lally and Radman.
Kill City Sam Pulley and Sox.
Creature: Salar Kooshki and Carl Potter.
Stand Up: Aaron Sweeney, Marcus Adams, Jeremy Jones, Adam Collingburn, Doug Parmiterm, Evan Knight, Hector Barnett, Caspar Barnett, Jamal Bendriss.


We will also be screening the Death Skateboards ‘Ordinary Madness‘ DVD on the big screen from 1.30pm. Don’t miss it!

We invite you to come in Halloween fancy dress. It is of course optional but please note that most will make an effort including the guest riders. Prizes will be awarded to the very best fancy dress outfits on the day.

Tickets for the jam are £10 for the full day out and available on the door at the brand new BaySixty6 Skatepark, 66-67 Acklam Rd, London, W10 5YU from midday on Saturday 27th October.

This year’s Massacre party in association with Front is now sold out. The party will be held on The Battersea Barge, Tideway Dock/Tideway Walk/Kirtling St, London, SW8 5PZ from 8pm until late. (3am ish)

We welcome special guest DJs Eddy Temple Morris (XFM Remix show), Stereotype, Johnny Doom & Matt Stocks (Kerrang! Radio), Talita Two Shoes (Total Rock), Phoebe Winter (Planet Rock). Expect a serious mash up of classic tunes to make this the best night out you will have this year.

Don’t forget that the best part of the night is that the clocks go back at 2am meaning you get an extra hour of partying!

The address of the boat is The Battersea Barge, Tideway Dock/Tideway Walk/Kirtling St, London, SW8 5PZ. For some, this boat can be hard to find, so look out for a small alleyway next to the Thames Water Company building on Nine Elms Lane (A3205). Walk down this alleyway and at the end of it, you will see the boat. It’s down the road to Battersea Dogs Home, so if we have any casualties to deal with amongst the Zombies that are on board, we will drop you off there at the end of the night.

On a serious note though, knowing that the boat is moored and not sailing, please be aware that your safety is our main concern and also in your own hands at this party. Crossfire will not take responsibility for your actions once you are on-board the Battersea Barge. When you arrive, the likelihood is that the boat will be beached, but by 1am, the tide is scheduled to rise and be 18 metres in depth. Yes, that’s extremely deep. It will also be freezing cold, windy and very dangerous, so look after yourself and your friends and we will all have a fantastic night out as usual.

When you reach the boat you will need to bring your ID to confirm your tickets. If your ticket is in someone else’s name, then make sure you have their full details and booking code as they will match the names on the list at the door. Our friendly security guys will greet you, please give them a hug as they are there for your safety. The boat takes all sorts of credit cards etc but note that there is no cash point on-board and none nearby so plan ahead.

Please note that there will be no tickets available on the door. but tickets may become available on the FB event page if people pull out. See you there!


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Watch the Chili Bowl skate jam footage 2012

This jam is always one of the highlight sof the year here. Get a mouthful of Toad & Salmon’s “Chili Bowl” 2012 Cook Off & Skate Jam thanks to Lowcard.

Chili Bowl 2012… from lowcard magazine on Vimeo.

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House Skatepark comp planned for October 6th

The House Skate Park in Sheffield have their 10th Anniversary skate comp planned for Saturday October 6th. The full day is £5 with various comps for best tricks and £1000 prize money on offer.