Stevie Perez Camby edit

Lakai have taken Skate Edit of the Week with Stevie Perez in cruise control shredding LA streets in a pair of the new Camby’s that are on their way to your local skater owned shop.

Control is just one of the words that springs to mind from this amazing edit. Click play for two minutes of steez from Chocolate Skateboards’ newest pro.

Clint Walker pro for Birdhouse with incredible section

Birdhouse Skateboards are quietly establishing a seriously exciting team over there this year. You’ve seen Jaws and Raybourn go pro, now get on this new section from Oklahoma born Clint Walker shared by Independent Trucks today as this is guaranteed to put a smile on your face instantly. Hit play for an inspiring Skate Edit of the Week.

Evan Smith Experience Pro Part

Evan Smith has joined the pro ranks at Element Skateboards today with a ridiculous four minute edit that takes Skate Edit of the Week. The 22 year old from Florida takes apart huge gaps, banks, stairs, pools, ledges and everything else in front of him. Press play for all round goodness and take your pick for best trick.