Ishod Wair Bonus Reel section released

realskateboardsReal have unleashed a full bonus section of new new pro Ishod Wair from the Since Day One video that dropped last year. Ridiculous to think that this footage didn’t make the final cut as it’s stomping. This should put a smile on your face today. Press play for treats.

Quartersnacks Since Day One remix

The guys over at Quartersnacks have re-edited the DVD extras from the Real Since Day One DVD to the sounds of Todd Shaw…and it’s a winner. Get stuck into footage of Peter Ramondetta, Jake Donelly, Justin Brock and Ishod Wair here.

Real Since Day One ltd wood veneer edition up for auction

realskateboardssincedayoneThe good people at Real Skateboards have a limited version of their Since Day One DVD up for grabs for only 100 lucky people. The very limited book style edition of the DVD is made out of actual REAL wood veneers from the Real woodshop are also laser engraved and took months to create and also come with 1 of 5 signed Gabe Morford prints from the video, the DVD and the photo book.

55 of these 100 are set aside for team riders and DLX family members leaving 45 that will be available to buy via auction through the Actions REALized site and a few additional ones on Ebay with proceeds going to the Johnny Kicks Cancer Foundation. Read RLD’s full review of the film here.

The Real Video Since Day One

real-since-day-one-book-dvdIt would seem that the era of big video productions is reaching an end. The industry is inundated with web clips, exclusive web clips, download links and deadlines that are about as tight as a porn star’s arsehole. So when a company decides that it’s time to bring their offering to the table, they know that they need to bring a game changer or else.

Judging by the discrete marketing campaign (no countdown timers!), lack of PM requests on message boards and the whole-hearted appreciation by their peers, the Real Skateboards family have left an honest testimony to their dedication to skateboarding with their new video Since Day One.

The video opens with an ode to the opening credits to their first video some 18 or so years ago and acts as a reminder that their hearts and minds are still in the same place since their earnest beginnings. No gimmicks or frills, just pure skateboarding and good times amongst friends. Once the intro reel is over, the similarity with their first video ends. Since Day One is a 1 hour and 10 minute burger of burly skating served up with a healthy selection of musical sources (sic). It takes some time to digest the gnarliness of what the Real team has produced, so multiple servings are recommended.

The Real team has quite a roster now: James Hardy, Max Schaff, Antoine Asselin, Dennis Busenitz, Jake Donnely, Justin Brock, Ishod Wair, Massimo Cavedoni, Alex Perelson, Kyle Walker, Peter Ramondetta, Ernie Torres, JT Aultz, Nick Dompierre, Davis Torgerson, Keith Hufnagel, Robbie Brockel and Chima Ferguson. That’s a lot of talent for Aaron Chillen and Chris Coward to focus their fisheyes on. The button pushers got some help from veterans Gabe Morford and Dan Wolfe and everyone got together to edit the opus. There’s no I in the team when it comes to Real, that’s for sure.

Now, with the unrelentless attack the Real team serve on America (no Barcelona/European footage?) and Australia (Chima Ferguson), the sight of ditches, rails, gaps and ledges merges together and gets a bit confusing. That’s why you need to purchase the DVD and skip straight to your favourite parts. After numerous screenings, a few faces stand out: Chima Ferguson for his nonchalance in the face of danger, Ernie Torres and Nick Dompierre tag teaming up to take the title, James Hardy using his big frame to crush spots, Alex Perelson single-handedly re-instating vertical skating as something sweet, Keith Hufnagel for keeping up appearances with a true to form pop concert of simplicity, Peter Ramondetta mixing tech and gnarly skating into a lethal cocktail and last but not least the definition of speed skating Dennis Busenitz. Dennis has won Skater of the Year for several years already. Maybe this time he’ll actually receive the trophy.

On top of the sheer volume of big balled skating, Real also offers loads of extras on the DVD and a great 100 page book of photos documenting the trials and tribulations everyone went through in creating Since Day One.

On a personal note, I have heard a few mutterings and musings about this video including complaints about the length (you’re never going to sit down for over an hour to get hyped before skating), lack of original spots (ditches and rails dominate) and questionable editing techniques (HD and SD mixed together). Even if each opinion is valid, you need to look at the product as a whole and understand the hard work everyone at Real put in to make it happen. The Real team are 100% skateboarding and Since Day One is testament to this. They haven’t left anything out and handed you everything they have. Sure the sun bleached cement and shiny black top of American architecture is a far cry from the cracked pavements and bustling cities many skaters live in, but the Real team spends nearly all of their time on the road doing demos, attending contests, searching for spots and skating full stop. 100% skater owned, skater run, and skater supported. Get a your copy of the new Real video today and understand why you’ve been playing with the same plank of wood and four wheels since day one.

Ralph Lloyd-Davis

Real Since Day One DVD London premiere

London skaters can now watch the premiere of the new Real Skateboards video ‘Since Day One‘ at the Volcom shop in Soho on Thursday April 14th from 7pm.

The address is 7 Earlham Street. London WC2 9LL if you want to see the likes of Dennis Busenitz, Chima Ferguson, Peter Ramondetta, Justin Brock, Keith Hufnagel, Max Schaaf, JT Aultz, Ernie Torres, Nick Dompierre, Alex Perelson, Kyle Walker, Antoine Asselin, James Hardy, Jake Donnelly, Davis Torgerson, Ishod Wair, Robbie Brockel and Massimo Cavedoni destroy spots all over the world.

See below for the other UK premieres.

real skateboards since day one premiere

Real Skateboards: Since Day One Trailer – Jake Donnelly

Real Skateboards unleashed a teaser over night featuring Jake Donnelly taking more than one for the team.

This will be one of the most anticipated skateboard videos of 2011 so get hyped for Since Day One coming from the Deluxe crew soon.

Real Skateboards: Since Day One Trailer – Jake Donnelly from dlxsf on Vimeo.