Watch video from the City of Rats London premiere

Last Sunday’s gathering to watch the City of Rats premiere from Slam City Skates was a huge success. We filmed some reactions on the way out of the Prince Charles cinema to see what people thought of the film, press play for a few reactions from Sidewalk Mag’s editor Ben Powell, Chris Pulman and more.

Click here to see our round up of gallery photos from the night too.

DC’s Big Push Offcuts released as Sidewalk hits stores

The Big Push has just been released on the front of Sidewalk Mag this week, featuring a full DVD with the best of the best out there. Go and get your copy today and vote for your favourite video edit now!

Enjoy these offcuts from the DC team that went live overnight and feast on the cover shot of Dan Cates paying homage to a classic cover of yesteryear.

Sidewalk’s In Progress does Bristol

Bristol’s skate scene was treated to Sidewalk’s In Progress video premiere on Friday night.

Watch a clip of what went down with some howling, Dad dancing and general drunkeness here from Rich Smith’s lens. Look out for the next batch of scheduled video premiere’s if you are near to MK and Brum.

Thursday October 6th – Milton Keynes Buszy.
6pm – under 18s – 7:30pm – over 18’s with afterparty at the Buszy Bar.

Thursday October 6th – Birmingham Custard Factory.
Custard Factory Cinema – 6pm-ish – contact Ideal for more details.

Sidewalk’s In Progress video premiere’s in London

London’s Prince Charles cinema was invaded by the creme of the UK’s skateboarders last night as the new Sidewalk video In Progress was premiered.

Popcorn and beers were thrown as standard, before three quarters of an hour of British skateboarding was unleashed with sections from Barney Page, Conhuir Lynn, Ben Raemers, Nicky Howells, Sean Smith, Harry Lintell and Tom Harrison alongside Ben Nordberg, Mark Baines, Nick Remon, Chris Jones, Denis Lynn and footage of many more.

Overall the film got a great reaction, the skating was banging, the music was spot on and the film mainly shot by Ben Powell, Ryan Gray and Kevin Parrott and many other contributors, could have just kept going and going. 45 minutes flew past with raw UK skating served just how we like it with Barney Page and Ben Raemers receiving the decibels they deserved. .

There will be some fantastic hangovers this morning as the free bar set up around the corner and funded by Nike would have sucked everyone in and destroyed most.

Well done to Sidewalk who have rolled out, amongst everything else they do for the scene, a video that captures some of the UK’s finest. The video will not be free on the cover of a magazine but will rightly be on sale in your local skate shop, so you treasure it and watch it with friends at home before you go for a skate. Pick up a copy in October in your local skater owned shop.

More video premiere’s have been announced this week:

Friday 30th September – Hush Bar, Bristol, 8pm.
Contact 5050 for further info.

Saturday 1st October – T13 Skatepark, Belfast, 7pm.
Pre-premiere jam at T13 Skatepark (time TBC), £3 in – keep an eye on the forum for updates.

Saturday 1st October – The Flying Duck, 142 Renfield Street, Glasgow.
6pm sharp. Over 18’s only.

Thursday October 6th – Milton Keynes Buszy.
6pm – under 18s. 7:30pm – over 18’s with afterparty at the Buszy Bar.

Sidewalk video ‘In Progress’ premiere info announced

We are stoked to hear today that the hard working guys at Sidewalk Magazine have completed their full length video this week and have also announced UK premieres. The video itself will have sections from all of the UK’s upcoming talent including Ben Raemers, Harry Lintell, Conhuir Lynn, Nicky Howells, Barney Page, Tom Harrison and Sean Smith, alongside Mark Baines, Nick Remon, Ben Nordberg, Chris Jones, Denis Lynn and appearances from many, many more.

Get your tickets for these sorted as soon as possible as these first viewings are only 2 weeks away.

Saturday 17th September – CUC, Liverpool. 7pm. Pre-premiere session at New Bird from 4pm. Contact for further info

Thursday 22nd September – Prince Charles, London. 6pm. Limited tickets available from soon.

Saturday 1st October – T13 Skatepark, Belfast. Pre-premiere jam TBC – keep an eye on the forum for updates.

There will be many more around the UK, so stay tuned to Sidewalk for details. Share these details on your facebook page from the link above.


Watch: The Harmony in Berlin Trailer

The Harmony recently took their team to the streets and parks of the wonderful city that is Berlin. The full edit will be dropping in January’s Sidewalk so be sure to pick it up!

Jak Pietryga described it as his favourite trip of the year, so you know it’s gonna be good.

Watch the trailer below and get hyped.

The Harmony in Berlin Trailer from The Harmony Skateboards on Vimeo.