RubEx Cube brings skateboarding back from the dead

rubexSkateboarding as we know it is dead. It’s time to jump on the RubEx Cube bandwagon to achieve bigger ollies, longer grinds and better skids.

Christian Hart and other heads from Spit and Sawdust in Cardiff have come up with a solution of how to save skateboarding as we know it, click play for his latest short film on exactly how this phenomenon works.

AHEAD – Scotland


Powerslide your way through Scottish headlands with German skater Markus Blessing as he rolls through the elements filmed by Daniel Mildner and Dennis Götz. Their short film vision is to capture his skating across lands that have never felt urethane before, whatever the weather.

“This unbelievable country carved its everlasting imprint on my mind. And only that one thing underneath my feet lets me know, I got to go. Ahead.“

Team Dream Team: A short film by Dillon Buss


This short film by Boston skater Dillon Buss just won the Most Creative award at the film and photography competition Connect The Dots. Four skaters get detention and drift off into dream scenes paying homage to Gonz, tripping on evolution, grinding tree trunks and cruising as superheroes.

Buss has a history for directing and producing the most fun concepts for videos so sit back and take this in. The black and white sequence in this is beautiful and worth its weight alone. Enjoy.

Slappy Endings

It’s becoming a curb filled week so far. Rob Harris from the Green Diamond has a contender for Edit of the Week with this short film made to remember the good times from a favourite spot named Slappy Cove. Enjoy this tribute celebrating a menagerie of other curbs, both large and small. Go wax a curb and get a session going today.