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Supra – The Shredder

supra_ shredder_skate-shoe

Supra sent us the new Lizard King signature model, The Shredder and it’s been tough to take them off, for no other reason than they are comfy straight out of the goddam box, and seem to pack more than enough space for your needs once they are on.

Supra have designed these with space in mind, but we’re not talking about your feet flapping around in them whatsoever, they just have that extra couple of millimeters of room in the toe allowing your phalange to move freely, the metatarsal to be protected but not squashed, (unlike some other models out there) and your cuboid reaps the rewards of a thin, but functional tongue that doesn’t slip sideways.

Underneath, the volcanized sole seems to grip like a god and the overall design of the canvas and suede mix looks dope. It’s a winner and in your local skate shop now.

supra_ shredder_skate-shoe1


Skateboarding Product Reviews

Supra – Greco Hammer shoe

supra_hammer_grecoThe first thing you notice as you slip Jim Greco’s ‘Hammer’ shoes out of the box is just how damn light they are.

I must admit, although instant comfort surrounded my feet from the toes to my heel, the thought of skating with clouds on my feet wasn’t what I had in mind from a pro who is known for slaying it…until they broke in that is. It didn’t take long either, and the weight of these are truly magnificent. So much so, that other shoes feel heavy in comparison now these have worn out over the last couple of months.

The vulcanized sole married my griptape to perfection, (as any decent skate shoe should) the heel was supportive via their foam cushioning and they look fucking ace. As we all know, suede does not last forever when rubbing against griptape so I suggest that if you are going to buy a pair of these, get two, because they are one of those Supra models that may not be available again in the future and you will be kicking yourself.

Skateboarding Product Reviews

Etnies Marana


A pair of these Etnies Marana’s were sent to our office in January. No note, no info, not even a follow up to this very day, they just arrived awaiting to be skated, sat in a box on their own, looking shiny, Black and brand new.

I’ll get straight to the point with these. As soon as they are on your feet they feel strong all round. You feel protected. It’s definitely due to the combination of various materials used to build this shoe and put to the test, the Marana stands up and delivers a multitude of positivity. The protection simply brings confidence which is not a feeling derived from the many skate shoes made today that are actually designed for the mainstream. These are built for skateboarding and come with a tough shell to cope with that in mind.

The padded tongue stays straight and doesn’t droop to the sides and overall the shoe doesn’t seem to wilt like some others after a few skates. It helps also that these are made by one of the only remaining skater owned shoe companies left. The Marana’s are worth your investment and retail at about £60. Out now.


Skateboarding Product Reviews

Emerica Laced Baker Figueroa shoe


Emerica have unleashed the brand new Justin Figeroa Laced shoe this week. If you missed the various Laced reviews over the years on this very mag, then you will know that Emerica have a classic skate shoe here that have always been awarded the love they deserve.

Talking of awards, will Figgy take the Skater of the Year 2012? Hype says he is in the mix for the big one but time will tell the story very soon. This Baker Figgy collab from Emerica comes in black green and white, has a strapped tongue, full length EVA midsole, gum rubber outsole and a zigzag tread pattern to hug your grip tape. Look out for them this winter and supprt skater owned companies.


Skateboarding Product Reviews

Lakai Marc Johnson Thrasher KOTR shoe


You can pretty much tell straight away as your feet hit a new pair of kicks if they are going to be able to withstand the forces of nature that skateboarders are up against on a daily basis. Three weeks before my toes hit these new Marc Johnson’s, I was skating another pair of skate shoes that i’m sure were not even made for skateboarding, and just pushed out their to service the Dad brigade like so many are these days. Those shoes gave me a tasty heel bruise and didn’t have any cushioning whatsoever, but these new Lakai’s are the complete opposite, and enabled me to really have a crack at some new stuff due to the confidence factor. On first skate, straight out of the box, I knew I could run out of tricks and be confident that my heels were not going to be pummeled. The result, the best fucking sessions ever. Seriously.

I guess every brand has some sort of marketing chit chat to give their products but the Lakai people call it ‘Pu Shock’. It’s that crucial support needed, that’s derived from their design of absorbing impact through the sole. The last time I had a Pu Shock was back in 1991, whilst living in a student house full of skaters. The garage was housed as a dumping ground and had a blue bucket in the middle to host the eggs. The contents of this amassment were poured over a neighbours car on the eve of an LSD party that got out of hand and took the party to complete standstill. Confusion amongst many who were present was indeed priceless. Their faces bemused, disgusted and generally twisted like liquorice sticks.

Anyway, back to the shoes. These are by far the best kicks that have graced my feet this year and even come with a little Thrasher logo on the heel and KOTR branding on the tongue if you fancy the collab version. If not, they also come in various colour ways without. Put them on your Xmas list today.

Skateboarding Product Reviews

Emerica Wino shoe

I was very pleased when my favourite shoe company, Emerica, introduced a shoe dedicated to sorts like me called the Wino. I’ve been drinking actively for over a decade and it’s hard to find consistent partner for such a long period, therefore the shoe becomes ones best friend, every barfly knows this.

When they originally looked at the perfect shoe for an inebriated state, it seems they were looking for a mix between a Chuck Taylor and the classic plimsoll, thus this beautiful blend, a perfect equilibrium. The Wino has the simplicity of a plimsoll, but the widely accepted coolness of a Chuck Taylor, a diversity that sits suits any occasion, be it dinner on a yacht in Cannes or drinking K Cider on the streets of Dalston, it works either way.

The shoe design has some well thought through qualities, it was crucial to cater for swaying, so they implemented a tiny heel to compensate for this! Having that little extra support at the back ensures a forward balance and this I feel has been one of the strongest attributes to any drinking shoe. Another great feature I have noticed is if you feel the need to use your shoe laces for party tricks, the Wino looks super cool with or without laces, making them extra valuable at house parties!

The main reason I like this shoe from a consumer level is simple, they are very inexpensive. Therefore, when you’re staggering home after you’ve managed to drink yourself past the swaying heel support system, you could easily pass out wherever you are without worrying about someone stealing your shoes. If they get robbed, you can get another pair without breaking the bank! Just a tip. They also make for pretty good pillows at festivals by the way!

I love the Wino overall, but I love it most when I wake up in the morning knowing that this is as bad as my day is going to get and no matter what I do next. My winos are ready and waiting to take on the journey with me (providing I made it home and still have them of course).

A Barfly

Skateboarding Product Reviews

éS First Blood Cycle collab

When we visited Soletech’s labs in LA last summer, Bobby Worrest’s collection was being prepped and looked like one of the highlights of 2010. A year later and Bobby’s signature éS shoe the First Blood is being voted by most skaters as one of the best shoes on the market.

This month Bobby has collab’d his successful shoe with Cycle– a graffiti artist famous for his artwork spanning over 20 years in Washington DC. The 2 guys met in a local bar, shot the shit and got their heads down to design this end product.

The shoes are strong, comfortable and lightweight and made from a wonderful shiny leather that makes you feel as though you have more than just a skate shoe on your feet. The tongue is not too fat that it gets in the way, the System G2™ heel cushioning gel insert provides cushioning only found in a Soletech shoe which feels perfect and skate straight out of the box.

The suede versions of course tend to get battered a little harder where your feet scrape the griptape when you ollie so these leather versions should last you a little longer which is worth thinking about if you go through skate shoes like Chunk does Baby Ruth’s.