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Murdy the Dawg Shake Junt edit


Here’s another example of when an animal is better on a rig than you. Shake Junt’s canine pal Murdy loves it.

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New Reynolds 3 Shake Junt collab incoming

Emerica have been busy putting together this new collab beast. The Reynolds 3 vs Shake Junt are on their way to your local SOS by Emerica.

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Shake Junt Chicken Bone Nowison

shake_junt_chicken_boneShake Junt is famous for making griptape and lumps of wax so anyone who didn’t know better would be safe in assuming their video consisted of cutting room floor clips that conjure up as much excitement as a tax bill. Well, stereotypes are made to be broken and filmer Beagle-Oneism and his buddies definitely smash any preconceptions with Chicken Bone Nowison.

There’s a reason why teenagers around the world are painting everything green and gold and neglect the traditional handshake for a double slap and pound combination. The industry runs on trends and Shake Junt are running the show right now. This is pretty amazing when you consider that all they do is deal hardware and scream obscure phrases, but when you look closer you’re quick to notice that Shake Junt is a subsidiary of the Baker-Deathwish camp which in turn means some of the biggest and best names in skateboarding are riding under their flag. As a result, Chicken Bone Nowison is anything but cutting room floor footage. Beagle-Oneism has gathered new footage, tour footage, off cuts from this year’s major releases and various other hi-jinks to create an hour long trip with some of skateboarding’s heaviest hitters.

Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Dustin Dollin, Justin Figueroa, Neen Williams, Theotis Beasley, Jeff Lenoce, Braydon Szafranski, Shane Heyl, Beagle-Oneism, Don Nyguen and new recruits Pat “Sinner” Pasquale and Mike White have parts as well as a couple of friends sections thrown in for good measure. The only person missing from the video (even though you spot him lurking) is Jim Greco. I was surprised to see he didn’t have any tricks as he rips.

Rather than go into detail, here are a few things Yays and Nays about Chicken Bone Nowison:

Neen Williams has some of the most beautiful heelflips in the game.

Jeff Lenoce finally came through with a real part that should prove the naysayers wrong.

– Even though some might find them annoying, Shane Heyl and Beagle-Oneism display genuine excitement and motivation which can only have a very positive effect on skateboarders trying to get tricks in an anti-skate city like Los Angeles.

Terry Kennedy handling business like a boss.

– Unfortunately Antwuan Dixon fans will be disappointed especially when they see that his few tricks are twinned with that of Neckface.

– “Look mum, no hands!” jumping out of hotel windows into swimming pools is highly inadvisable. Whoever does jump is merely centimetres away from meeting their maker.

– Spray painting someone’s face isn’t a good idea either!

– Dustin Dollin (interview) proves yet again that you can skate anything and rip it apart.

– A very cynical person might remark that certain skaters are a bit like one trick ponies that filmed every possible variation of a specific trick on various spots. Haters gonna hate…

– With so many skaters and so many styles, the soundtrack is varied. Everything from mixtape tracks to Lemmy set the rhythm for the footage and it’s all-good.

In the category of hardware company videos Chicken Bone Nowison sits head and shoulders above the rest. The skating and positive vibe of the video are the major strengths which should guarantee that you get yourself a copy and watch it several times. If the tricks don’t convince you, the title jingle definitely will.

Ralph Lloyd-Davis
7 December 2011

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Beagle’s got his own advert. Get some more Chickenbone flavour from the Shake Junt camp today here.

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Ravenous Skateboards collab with Shake Junt

Jeff Lenoce drops in to discuss the full length Shake Junt video with this Chicken Bone Nowison advert released overnight. Ravenous Skateboards are celebrating the news of this already with a new run of collab decks that have ben released. Look out for this one on your travels in stores wherever Deathwish and Shake Junt goods are on sale.

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Joe Marks Adidas welcome footage

adidasskateboardingAdidas have a new team rider this morning with Joe Marks joining the UK roster today. Enjoy this welcome edit from Callun Loomes and if you want more then head here to see his footage from LA in February.

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Jim Greco 10 Years of Hammers

deathwishJim Greco celebrates 10 years of Baker/Deathwish wood this month with over 3 mins of killer skating in this new compilation. If this doesn’t make you want to go skateboarding you should just buy a scooter.

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Watch: Joe Marks’ Ravenous Birthday Edit

To celebrate Ravenous rider Joe Marks’ 21st birthday, Get Lesta have made this rad edit featuring footage gathering during just one day.

Nollie heel backtails like whaaaaaaat. Watch below for street radness and a few bangers in The House.