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Introducing Sexwolf

sexwolf1It took no longer than 10 minutes to interview Sexwolf. We don’t even have a fitting introduction for them other than their incendiary metallic hardcore reached us last month and some of it kicks arse. So let’s just get to the fucking point…

Who the fuck are Sex Wolf?!

Four guys living that tough life, unions, being on strike, we’re down on our luck, it’s tough, so tough! (Rich – melodies and poetry, Mulv – Bass, Jenk – Skin division, Joe – midget.)

Why the fuck did you call your band Sexwolf?

We like sex as in the act of lovemaking, Coitus. We also think wolves are remarkable animals. What could be better than wolves fucking beast lipstick lovemaking?………We are Sexwolf!

What other fucking names did you have before you chose that one?

We were originally called Statham- as in Jason, cockney, Mexican, crime-fighting, risk taking, bald cunt! His arms are majestic but once you have a random conversation about animal porn, Statham’s always gonna take a back seat!

What the fuck is going on in the Birmingham hardcore scene?

I’ll be brutally honest we havnt got a clue most bands we play with are not local. Every show we have played in Birmingham have been with bands around the country like Failsafe, The Plight, For Eyes who are very good bands! We see ourselves playing around the country and not so much in Birmingham regularly!

Who the fuck do you think you are having a drummer that is capable of sounding like a machine gun?

It’s not intentional he has full body tourettes from an overweight cock!

Why the fuck where you ‘brought up to fuck up’?

If you ever felt like people think you are useless, well I wrote a song about how you feel when cry wanking! Our songs are open to interpretation because we have no idea what they are about we just want you to sing along at full volume!

Who is the biggest fuck up in the band?

As a collective we each have our fuck ups. For instance, Jenk masturbates so often his sister in the next room has to wear headphones to stop the nightmares! Mulv has a big head like in circumference! Rich has the rhythm of a spastic slow lorris on ketamin! Joe is just a prick, midget prick.

Why the fuck do you still have a Myspace page?

Because Tom seemed so friendly.

Why the fuck did Refused get back together?

Deep political reasons. I suppose they are a voice of a generation and own the hardcore scene, oh, and shit loads of money I guess!

Why the fuck are you pro boners and tits?

Listen, this is a serious subject. We love titties. We all sucked on our mother’s until puberty or until dad got jealous! Boners are the reason the world goes round, you know men are a dominate force we are men who stand boner proud! We promote soapy tit wanks!

Why the fuck should people listen to your music?

We promote good times and sound track to fully ram to the point of pleasurable prolapse….we want to bring back a bit of fun at shows everyone is so serious with there shitty, two step bollocks! We want star jumps and leap frogging and human pyramids! Listen to us it will make you smile!

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