Watch the Redkite vs Blackscore Mini Ramp edit


Skate Edit of the Week comes via one of the many BBQ and Beer sessions at the Redkite mini ramp tucked away amongst fields just outside of London. Blackscore clothing bring the slo mo goodness with skating from Redkite cheese Fraser Campbell, tech wizard and Koston double – Mark Brewster, ‘The Housewife’s Favourite’ – Neil Kirby and the recently Dutched, Alex Weller.

This is what skateboarding is all about (when you have done it for 25 years). Get a ramp in your garden today.

BOARDS BBQ BEER BLACKSCORE from The Field Office on Vimeo.

Watch Gnargore’s indoor mini ramp sesh

Looks like Gnargore are celebrating the launch of their latest DVD, Kickflip & Friends in style up there in the Black Country. Could this be the smallest mini ramp sausage party session of all time? More Kray shit to add to this week’s most used tune too.

Watch the Santa Cruz team vs Arto’s Pool

Cody, Chapman, Eric Dressen, Sid Melvin, Josh Borden, Emmanuel Guzman, Justin Strubing and Shuriken Shannon get the invite to skate Arto Saari’s backyard pool and shred the place.

Watch Lifeblood Skateboards shred Kings Park

lifeblood_skateboardsThe Lifeblood Skateboard team are in Europe shredding concrete and hit up Bournemouth’s Kings Park for a session. Watch Cody Lockwood, Frank Faria, Kevin Kowalski, Mason Merlino, Tom Lawson and Tommy Fachiri.

Rune Glifberg raw at Fælledparken Skatepark

rune_glifbergThere’s nothing like watching it raw, especially when it’s Rune Glifberg ripping his local skatepark to pieces. Monkeyglove were there to capture a feeling you only get in full if you are standing right there on the coping.