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Circa Survive

Violent Waves

Some may find Circa Survive‘s latest offering an egocentric and self important waste of time, while those who appreciate its detail will see it more as a journey through fantasy realms of progressive music. It completely depends on how you like to enjoy your music. Let us discuss…

If you are after an absolute face-melter of a record, walk away now – this isn’t for you. But if you enjoy music as an overwhelming experience, put on your highest quality headphones and indulge in the artistic movement that is ‘Violent Waves‘.

During the whole of ‘Violent Waves‘ there is no one track that stands out, nothing that makes you sit up and concentrate. Though not outstanding, “Phantasmagoria” is perhaps the catchiest tune off of the album whilst “The Lottery” (feat. Geoff Rickly of Thursday) shows a mature post-hardcore approach. Despite being pleasant, both tracks could go unnoticed if you weren’t fully paying attention. Normally this would be a very harsh criticism, but what Circa Survive have produced here is a complex structure that intertwines as one complete piece rather than separate tracks, it appears it is meant to appreciated as a whole rather than sectioned; each song compliments the next, making the album more successful when played through in its entirety. On all tracks Anthony Green’s vocals seductively dance over a playful odyssey of Minus The Bear-esque riffs.

To summarize the point being made here, the album flows smoothly with surging peaks and troughs of emotion. ‘Violent Waves‘ is seduction for the senses. For listeners who have the patience to dive into its abyss, ‘Violent Waves‘ comes across as a masterpiece.