Science welcome US team rider Albert Gesswein

With much talk this week of the latest developement at CERN regarding the slaying of Albert Einstein’s theory’s on the Speed of Light, we find it very fitting today that Science Skateboards have wheeled out news of their very own Albert today.

Albert Albert Gesswein joins the team today and comes from SF making him the first US rider on the team. This footage filmed by Mark Kirkland is a snippet of what’s to come in the promo video that is being filmed for your perusal soon. Taste some additional footage of this man here if you want more.

New Science decks, website and riders

London based Science Skateboards are back with a new promo, a new range of decks, baseball shirts, tees and three new riders.

Dan Beall (who you are probabaly familiar with from his Fresh Blood last year) is a Sheffield based ripper who can and will nose bonk anything. Luka Pinto had one of the best parts in London scene vid, Getting By (albeit the questionable colourways) so expect him to go big now he’s properly hooked up. Last but not least, Albert Gesswein has plenty of tech ledge tricks to make your head spin. All three have tricks in the new promo amongst the rest of the team that you can watch below.

The new board graphics feature a healthy variety of artists so there is almost certainly a deck for you regardless of your taste. Moving on to the clothing, there’s are variations on graphics which have worked well on decks (either in the current or past range) so they are sure to fly off shelves.

They have a shiny new website and are being distributed in the UK by Rock Solid and now will go stateside with Permanent Distribution. Get in there and support them.

Louis Woodhead

Watch: Three Amigos at Unit 1

The crew at Three Amigos, Camden’s reknowned SOS hit up Unit 1 recently and made this fun edit in just an hours filming session!

Have a look below for indoor action from amigos Tim Prozorov, Cameron Allen-Snow, Felix Coonan, Peter Makarski and Science Skateboards’ smooth operator Ben Cruickshank. While you’re at it, check out their other recent edit that features five minutes of footage gathered over the last few months. Good shit.

Line Check: September 2010

The last of the summer wine has been drank and it’s starting to get a bit nippy out so in this month’s Line Check we’re throwing in some jackets and flannel courtesy of the goodship Independent, alongside some fresh cords and denim from Kr3w. Science Skateboards guest artist range is just too good, so be sure to check both the decks and the t-shirts. We’re really digging the LandscapeArt Project‘ series as well as Blueprint’s typical graphic designers’ wet-dream in their ‘Goods‘ series.

Blind and Darkstar have some fresh urethane for you to leave traces of where ever you roll, just be sure you attach them to some nice clean trucks; Tensor and Destructo have the good stuff. Head here for a chance to win those Destructo bad boys. And some new pro models from Supra and DVS‘ awesome Eurotrash range mean that there’s plenty of choice this month when deciding on what’ll be covering your feet as you kick, push and coast.