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Watch the new What’s Cookin’ trailer online

getlestaThis shit is indeed kray. Callum Loomes has put so many web edits together over the last 3 years that if you searched this site you could fill an afternoon of entertainment featuring the Leicester and Notts scenes and way beyond under the Get Lesta moniker. It’s healthy to see that a full length is almost complete and scheduled to premiere at the Boardroom Skatepark on Friday October 26th where the full length What’s Cookin’ will all be revealed.

Check the trailer and expect sections from Kelley Dawson, Joe Marks, Will Golding, Timmy Garbett, Shehzad Jaffer, Mike Simons, Eric Thomas, Luke McManus, Sam Taylor and Kris Vile.

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New Sam Taylor footage

sptGet Lesta have been visiting London spots (and Cov) on various missions to capture footage for their upcoming full length with Sam Taylor. Here’s a minute of SPT getting amongth it.

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Sam Taylor’s Ace Trucks welcome edit

Sam Taylor is ending the year with a bunch of footage. Here’s this week’s courtesy of Ace Trucks who welcome SPT to their team this week. watch a minute of Southbank ripping here.

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Sam Taylor knocks out 10 tricks at Mile End

Sam Taylor knocks out 10 for Science Skateboards at Mile End this week. Look out for Science riders at this year’s Xmas Jam on the 10th December.


Lucky Sevens with Earth Pain 666

Photo: Chris Morgan at Science Skateboards

Whether it is your swollen liver from a top night out, your tweaked ankle or even the fact that your girlfriend has just decided to shag your best mate, we all go through pain to get what we want in life. The flipside to this malarkey is sharing the good times with your best mates and documenting it. Sam Taylor‘s EARTH PAIN 666 has been unleashed today, enjoy it as you only live once.


How much pain does this Earth bring to you on a weekly basis?

None at all, I have a pretty easy life. Maybe shiners, delams and spilt beer counts but apart from that I don’t have many worries.

How much pain did you go through in the making of these hilarious scene clips?

The most pain was when George was filming and he dropped my camera and broke the lens, that fucking sucked. The funniest was seeing Chad Muska DJ – That was fucked up.

How much pain comes from the Based Gods?

Based God fucked my bitch.

What’s the worst pain you have seen anyone go through whilst out skateboarding?

When I was a kid I saw a guy bail at the Boardroom and break his arm in 2 places, that was fucking gnarly. Someone broke their lower back trying to clear the wall at Stockwell the other day, I wasn’t there but I heard he landed in the middle of the road. Dwayne trying to switch ollie the seven at southbank is always a gnarly site.

Which part of Earth goes through more pain than anywhere else?

I leave that to Ali Drummond. He’s in Burma being Rambo. Earth Pain is more about the little slams we take whilst out skating, Dwayne hitting the floor or Josh Cox doing some stinking late flip.

What pain comes next?

Earth Pain 7 – If George buys me a new camera. More t-shirts, zines and prints are ready to drop, check the website.

Last words?


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Watch: Sam ‘SPT’ Taylor Mini Ramp Minute

A friend of Science Skateboards has built an amazing looking mini-ramp in their home so I guess it was only a matter of time until an edit of one of the Science heads tearing it up.

Sam Taylor was in the area and racked up a full minute of goofy radness. Science is knowledge, have a watch below.

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Incoming: The Get Lesta Video

One of our favourite crews in skateboarding, Get Lesta have unveiled the premiere date for their much awaited full-length video by the insanely productive Callun Loomes.

The video will feature full length sections from many grand purveyors of radical including Joe Marks, Mike Simons, Timmy Garbett, Eric Thomas, Matt Clarke, Josh Walters, Sam Taylor and more.

The premiere will take place at the Boardroom Skatepark in Leicester on December 22nd, so put off that last-minute Christmas shopping malarkey and go watch this instead. The video will be screened at 8pm with a free skate session from 6pm! What a winner!

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Watch: Get Lesta’s Boardroom Comp Edit

The always consistent Get Lesta crew have put together a ‘strictly bangers’ edit of the Boardroom Comp 2010 that comes in at a minute and a half of non-stop radical.

See below for some must-see material from Sam Taylor, Will Golding, Ben Rowles, Kelly Dawson, Ash Hall, Craig Smedley and more.