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X Games Barcelona results and footage

Skate park finals:

1. Pedro Barros
2. Curren Caples
3. Brad McClain
4. Rune Glifberg
5. Alex Sorgente
6. Raven Tershy

Street comp finals:

1. Nyjah Huston
2. Paul Rodriguez
3. Manny Santiago
4. Sean Malto
5. Luan Oliveira

Big Air comp finals:

1. Bob Burnquist
2. Mitchie Brusco
3. Elliot Sloan
4. Tom Schaar
5. Jake Brown

Vert comp finals:

1. Bucky Lasek
2. Marcelo Bastos
3. Mitchie Brusco
4. Andy Macdonald
5. Pierre Luc Gagnon

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The Couch Potato #1

By Ralph Lloyd Davis

If the rose-tinted image of a skate video was like a cute mogwai in our eyes, the internet came along and threw the little thing we love and hold dear into an Olympic-sized outdoor pool with a finger buffet stacked heavily beneath the diving boards. Footage has literally flooded the internet and our retinas over the last few years and today you can quite easily spend an entire afternoon and evening watching pros, amateurs and oddballs flip, spin and launch themselves the world over in pixelated 3 minute bursts.

Without bashing the free perspective of this digital media, many filmers and cinematographers take this opportunity to put their hard work out there for our viewing pleasure and ask for nought in return. Unfortunately they are small fish in an ocean teeming with life, so we thought we could fish a few out for you to take notice. These deserve to be bookmarked and watched full screen so get the teas on and push play.

The Golden Triangle by Boris Proust

Boris Proust has unleashed a fantastic travel edit featuring himself, Peter Molec, Fabian Verhaeghe, Alexis Greusard, Joachim Fromant, Joseph Biais and Samuel Partaix skating through India’s wonderful terrain. Sit back and take in this short film feature titled The Golden Triangle.

Offset Skateboarding Film by Commune

Comune’s experimental short featuring Jordan Sanchez, Al Partenan, Nial Frederickson, Josh Murphy and Joseph Lopez is. Directed and Edited by Jordan Minardi and Noel Sinclair Boyt.

Color Your Memories by Ludovic Azémar

A French full-length feature focused on upcoming amateur skateboarders from Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon. Featuring Alex Richard, Valentin Bauer, Sylvain Tognelli, Guillaume Dulout, Sean Hanley and Remy Taveira.

Skateboard Cafe Promo ’12 by Rich Smith

A full length video from Bristol-based crew The Skateboard Cafe. Featuring Harry Ogilvie, Shaun Currie, Josh Arnott, Tom Gibbs, Louis Marshall, Pat Garrahy, Barney Page, The Cafe Family, Korahn Gayle, Andy Coleman, Ben Rowles, Nicky Howells and more! Filmed and edited by Rich Smith.

Studio Skateboards Moodlighting by Dave Pelletier, Jason Auger and Jai Ball

Canadian Studio Skateboards presents their team video in collaboration with Slap Magazine. Featuring Joey Larock, Wade Fyfe, Kyle Macdonald, Darrell Smith, Mike Fyfe, Jai Ball, Jean Mat Vincent, and Chris Melvin. Filmed by Dave Pelletier.

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More from the Couch Potato very soon…feel free to recommend yours to us here.

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Go Skateboarding Day UK events round up

go-skateboarding-day-logo-whiteGo Skateboarding Day is here once again so if you are planning to skate today, here’s a few options of events and get togethers that have been made public this year. There will be plenty more so if you have plans in your local area, feel free to list them below in the comments for others to see. Click on the red links for more info where possible and feel free to send your photos and footage to us here if you would like your sessions seen on Crossfire.

Here’s what’s on our radar:

Parlour Skateshop and Lakai Shoes have hooked up for a cruise across London from Mile End to Old Street hitting up 7 spots kicking off at 4.30pm. The first 50 people will receive FREE Lakai tees.

There is also an early morning roll in the bowl at Victoria park, East London planned from 7am. ‘Bring your own breakfast’. I wonder if anyone actually made that one. Shots of sugar puffs on the coping please.

Bay Sixty 6 Skatepark will have their final jam  before the refit down here in London tonight from 4.30pm. Nike team riders Sean Malto, Youness Amrani, Lewis Marnell and Wieger Van Wageningen, alongside Fernando Bramsmark, Tim Zom, Chris Jones, Neil Smith, Daniel Kinloch, Joey Pressey and Korahn Gayle will be there for a session. They will also be hitting up spots around London during the day. Keep an eye on the Nikesb twitter to find out where and we will see you here later.

Ramp City Skatepark in Blackpool have a free session planned from 6.30-10pm. It’s also their 10th Anniversary jam, so celebrate this huge milestone of supporting their local scene and get down there to skate.

The Works Skatepark in Leeds have a session planned. Phone the park as their flyer says this is happneing on June 23rd, not today but they have the mini ramp in the yard all up and running, a BBQ going on all day too. For everyone who turns up to our event they also go a Works Go Skate Day t-shirt.

The Space in North Berwick, Scotland have £1 skate sessions from 10am-2pm and 6pm-10pm.

Chichester skateboarders have a get together planned starting at Chichester Skatepark from 4pm, followed by a game of S.K.A.T.E at their multi-storey car park where a death race will take place.

Guildford’s Skateboards have planned a Hill Bomb.

Newquay’s locals are meeting near the bus station to skate various spots in the area.

Worthing’s skateboarders have planned a meet up at Homefield Park at 4pm for an hour session followed by street cruise that will lead to the pier for a game of S.K.A.T.E.

In London, Supra team riders and Slam City Skates staff have teamed up at the shop from 4.30pm and will skate street down to Kennington and give out prizes.

Telford and Wrekin locals will meet up at Telford Magistrates Courts for street sessions localy.

In Southend, there will be a meet at the seafront.

In Peterborough, there’s a session planned at the Meethill Skatepark.