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Lexus Hoverboard interview with Ross McGouran


Let’s kick this off by stating that the future pretty much delivered jack shit. If you were a kid growing up in the 70s and 80s where space colonisation, extra-terrestrials, UFO sightings and Metal Mickey were predicted to become part of family life, then you will know how much we were ripped off. The most exciting recent discovery that comes close to all of those technological promises is an image that looked like a lunar three-spurt dick etched into the dusty floor of Pluto. Twas one way of getting a few more ‘likes’ on your Facebook page last month for those who count the digits.

There wasn’t a need for this self aggrandising malarkey that social networking brings back in 1985. Nobody really gave a toss about getting themselves 15 minutes of fame, we were too busy sniffing glue, break dancing and prizing Mercedes badges off the front of cars with screwdrivers – until the Back To The Future film was released. That summer spawned thousands of skateboarders worldwide, mimicking Michael J. Fox’s balancing skills as he held his own on a hoverboard to impress girls and avoid a beating. Once that was aired, every kid in our area wanted one.

Nobody imagined that we would have to wait 30 years to even get a sniff of the liquid nitrogen smoke that pumps out of the Lexus Hoverboard though. Nobody would also have guessed it would be our mate Ross McGouran who would be the chosen one to take it for its first cruise either. Thankfully Ross was skating past our office the day after that hoverboard edit hit the interweb so we asked him to spill some beans on how it all came together.

This was filmed off the cuff in 10 minutes with just an iPhone with a broken screen to hand but should give you a bit of inside info on the shoot that took place. Thanks to Dan Joyce who kindly edited my awful filming.

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Watch Ross McGouran skate a Lexus hoverboard


So here it is, the Lexus Hoverboard being schralped by our local ripper Ross McGouran. A good choice too knowing he skates all terrain so press play and check out the results.

Are there smoke and going down in this Spanish skatepark? Find out below in the making of the video and look out for an interview with Ross on here very soon.

This is how it works:

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Vans team hit up Derelict Places in Athens

Danny Wainwright, Ross McGouran, Nassim Guammaz, Kris Vile and more of the Vans Europe team continue their Derelict Places missions into Greek territory this week. Click play for a journey through Athens via the once used Olympic park and beyond.

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Watch Ross McGouran at the DC Embassy

dcembassyWest London ripper Ross McGouran is the latest Brit abroad to take the DC Embassy apart at the seems. Watch this Pop In Pop Out edit from BaySixty6’s most legendary skateboarder.

Pop-In-Pop-Out | Ross McGouran from THE DC EMBASSY on Vimeo.

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Watch video of the making of the Xmas Jam flyer

If you plan in advance for this year’s Crossfire Xmas Jam you will grab advance tickets for just £7 opposed to the usual £10 entrance fee on the door at BaySixty6. These are now available at Slam City Skates and Stand Up Skate Shop over the counter, so get them fast before they are gone this weekend.

Enjoy and share this video shot from the opening of the park and mostly from sessions we have had recently in the bowl. Look out for the team announcements on Monday.

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The Ledge Mini Ramp comp footage

This weekend just gone saw The Ledge trade show in London featuring a plethora of brands in the skate industry and a bunch of riders present for a mini ramp jam. It went off. Get stuck into this footage from Sidewalk of Denis Lynn, Chris Oliver, Jak Tonge, Jake Collins, Rob Smith, Helena Long, Lois Pendlebury, Phil Zwijsen, Josh Young, Nicky Howells, Ross McGouran and more.

The Ledge Osiris mini ramp comp 2012. a Skateboarding video by Sidewalk

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Vans Spring Classic mini ramp footage online

The annual carve up in Varraze, Italy went down last this weekend with great mini ramp skating and live sets from both Crossfire faves Turbo Negro and Doom Tree. Brits were abroad for the ride and took home some cash home from the mini ramp jam. Ross McGouran, Jake Collins, Kris Vile and Rob Smith all made it into the top six. Watch the footage.


1st Martin Pek – Nollie Crooks + Nollie bigger spin
2nd Nassim Guammaz – NS Blunt 50-50
3rd Kris Vile – Lipslide bs180 big spin flip

1. Alain Goikotxea
2. Alessandro Sorgente
3. Ross McGouran
4. Jake Collins
5. Kris Vile
6. Rob Smith

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Simple Sessions results and Vans video

This year’s Simple Sessions in Tallinn, Estonia went down this weekend wth what looked to be a really creative layout built for the event. Austen Seaholm took first place with Ross McGouran, the only Brit to end up in the top 15 after coming first in the semi’s with Korahn Gayle and Kris Vile both making it through in that round.

Watch the footage of Vans riders from the event below. Results:

1 Austen Seaholm USA
2 Axel Cruysberghs BEL
3 Simon Stricker SUI
4 Thaynan Costa POR
5 Phil Zwijsen BEL
6 Jonathan Thijs BEL
7 Tomas Vintr CZE
8 Didrik Galasso NOR
9 Gosha Konishev RUS
10 Tim Zom NED
11 Bastien Salabanzi FRA
12 Ruben Rodrigues POR
13 Ross McGouran GBR
14 Max Kruglov RUS
15 Egor Golybev RUS

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Danny Wainwright’s Four Corners VANS edit

The VANS European team are dropping their Four Corners video series online right now. The most recent episode sees Danny Wainwright introduce you to skating to the East of the world map to China.

View the spots, take in the culture and enjoy the skating from Flo Marfaing, Kris Vile, Josh Young, Nassim Guammaz, Sam Partaix, Ross McGouran and of course, Wainwright himself.

Also, scroll down this page to find Phil Zwijsen’s take on this amazing country.

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Vans Spring Classic mini ramp jam footage

This year’s Vans Spring Classic mini ramp comp went off in fine style in Varazze, Italy this year. As usual the Brits dominated proceedings with Jake Collins, Sam Beckett, Joshua Young, Trevor Johnson, Greg Nowik, Ross McGouran and Kris Vile all representing. Browse the results below and watch all the action that went down out there.

• The Air Freshener (Most Original tricks): David Sanchez (Spain)
• The Condor (Highest Air): Diego Doural (Spain)
• The Smooth Operator (Best Style): Josh Young (UK)
• The Surgeon & The Toe Mixer (Best technical rider & Best Switch trick/ Ride): Trevor Johnson (UK)
• The Bingo Winner (Luckiest move): Dani Leon (Spain)
• The Punisher & The Good Ol’Boy (Gnarliest trick/ride & Best oldskool tricks/ride: Greg Nowik (UK)
• The Easy Rider (Longest Rock or Lipslide): John Magnusson (Sweden)
• The Line Executor (Best line/combo): Julien Benoliel (France)
• The Innovator Best use of the ramp: Ross McGouran (UK)
• The Wheelchair Masters (Worst slam): Jake Collins & Sam Beckett (UK)
• The Cruising Gentlemen (Best attitude): Fernando Bramsmark (Sweden)
• The Tsunami (Overall best rider of the Weekend): Daan Vanderlinden (Holland)
• The Unlucky Friend (Last of Finals): Kris Vile (UK)