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Shy FX

Digital Soundboy

Shy FX is a legend, pure and simple. Having driven the D&B and Jungle scenes for years, he still remains as important and fresh as he ever was and with this new single, out on December 6th, he’s dropped another golden banger. Enlisting the vocal talents of Kano, Donae’o and Roses Gabor, the chorus line of “When I was a yout I used to blow my horn like a raver” immediately grabs you by the scruff of the neck and demands you shock out as the drums spins all around.

With four remixes on the release, there really is something for everyone. MJ Cole comes in with a hugely fuzzy bassline, Benny Page‘s “dancefloor remix” serves up a serious slab of instant D&B and Shy himself provides a “Guinness Punch remix” which concentrates on bringing some vibed out dub to the plate, showing the producer’s versatility with consummate ease.

The stand-out remix on the release however comes from Breakage, who has had one hell of a year with his Foundation album. His “Pattern Moschino remix” combines reverbed vocal hooks with an old school jungle beat which is a perfect example of everything a high-energy dancefloor banger should be.

Shy and his label have rubber-stamped another biggun. Get on it and check out the video to the original below and see how many cameos you can spot!